We Make a Great Pair!

I am always looking for simple and creative ideas for Valentine’s Day. I like to show my appreciation and love for not only my husband and family but also for others like my employees, the children at my son’s school, and his teachers.

This year, I decided to give “Sock Valentines” that are affordable, adorable, and easy. “We Make a Great Pair” or “You Rock My Socks Off” are my two favorite Love Notes to include with this cute Valentine. I also love giving non-candy items for this holiday, especially to kiddos!

Simple Supplies:IMG_0637
  • Socks
  • Love Notes
  • Heart Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Heart Balloon Tied with Ribbon


5 Easy Steps:
1. Fold Socks Into Heart Shape






2. Tie With Ribbon String From Balloon






3. Curl Tail of String with Scissors






4. Punch Heart Hole in Love Note & Attach to Socks with Ribbon






5. Present To Valentine



Additional Thoughts:

I typed my Love Notes this go around on the computer, but they can easily be handcrafted and written for a more personal touch.

The heart hole punch is not required but does add a cute detail. I didn’t go out and buy it for this project, however. It is a survivor from our wedding supplies.

I bought the balloons the night before giving the valentines so that they remained well inflated.


If you would like to skip the heart balloon, try this version: fold your love note, grab a stapler, and place your heart socks in a plastic baggie. Your final product will be easy to transport and hand out.


6 thoughts on “We Make a Great Pair!

  1. I didn’t do them this time, but will in the future. Trying to imagine how to fold socks to make eggs, pumpkins, turkeys, or trees. 😉

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