We Have A Secret…

Guess what, we’re having a baby…and it’s a boy! I literally just gave away all of my secrets in the first sentence of this post. Oh well; we’ve been keeping it to ourselves for a while. So, it’s definitely time to share it. I’m 24 weeks along and due in October.  As of now, I’m feeling good and doing my best to soak in every moment with my family of three as we will soon be a family of four.


This pregnancy has been the same in so many ways. I’m due in October again; am having another boy; and was sick as a dog in my first trimester. Although I was hoping I might skip the severe nausea and vomiting this round, I was as sick this time as I was with N. I chose to wait until my second trimester to start Zophran, a medication that was helpful in my first pregnancy, instead of starting it immediately after the onset of morning (#notjustmorning) sickness. Once I started this medication and hit the second week of my second trimester, I was a new woman! I always have a refreshed appreciation for health after my first trimester and for my incredible husband who took over our life and the complete care of our son.

The big difference with this pregnancy, besides I feel twice as big at this point than I did with N, is we chose to find out the baby’s sex. I absolutely loved being surprised with N. The energy and anticipation of discovering what he was in the delivery room was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. If it were solely up to me, that’s the route I would have gone again. But, I’m part of an amazing partnership where we compromise and recognize each other’s wants and needs. Seano was very committed to finding out the sex during our pregnancy this round. After talking about it, we decided finding out would offer a chance to experience this pregnancy and delivery in a new way.



I’m thrilled N is getting a baby brother. My hope is they will be playmates when they are young and best friends when they are grown. Seano is an only child and my brother is more than seven years older than me. Neither of us had the opportunity to have strong bonds with siblings when we were young and we can’t wait to watch a relationship blossom between our sons! Don’t worry, we’re not naive. We understand there will likely be fights and bickering, too. We’re just hopeful it won’t be all nose bleeds and name calling.

Over the next few months, I will likely be sharing a couple more experiences that have been challenging or different for us with this baby. I hope you don’t get sick of pregnancy stories!

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