We Are Having A Baby: Pregnancy Announcement…And Then There Were 4

I am thrilled to make an exciting announcement…

Surprise! We are expecting our second bundle of joy! I am well into my second trimester and have been waiting patiently to share the good news. My belly is nicely rounded and I’m feeling strong, consistent movement. We have chosen to leave the gender of our new angel a surprise, but we do know that his or her name will start with a “B” to keep our A – B – C name pattern going with Toddler A, Baby B, Chelse and Daddy D. (If you have “B” name suggestions I’m all ears!)

Family Planning

Daddy D and I always knew we wanted more than one child, but after my first birth experience and the challenges of raising a toddler we thought we would wait until Toddler A was a little older. We started to discuss 4 or 5 year spacing but our Creator had a different journey in mind! Toddler A will turn 3-years-old just a few weeks before Baby B is born. Now that we have wrapped our heads around the initial surprise, have a potty trained toddler and a healthy baby on the way, we are over the moon excited to welcome our newest addition!


A Totally New Experience

This pregnancy has been completely different than the first. After having an incredibly turbulent first trimester I am grateful everything has turned around. Not only did it take me a little longer to realize I was carrying, I have also never been so sick! My belly has “popped” more quickly and I have low pelvic pressure and pain, which I never felt with Toddler A. I’m embracing this experience as I truly believe that every pregnancy and baby are different. I’ve even changed over the past couple of years, making everything new again.

Birth A Second Time: Scarred But Not Broken

I’m feeling hopeful, slightly scared, and determined about my upcoming labor and delivery. I am planning a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) and it has taken this entire pregnancy to overcome my fear of giving birth again. Because of Toddler A’s birth experience, it took me a while to share the news because I wasn’t over my initial birth trauma. In fact, I continue to address it on a daily basis. Daddy D and I are working on our birth plan with a supportive OB and Midwife, so I’m confident I’ll have more to share later. For now, I feel like I have the right tools and healthcare providers to give birth on my terms, in the right time, while trusting my body and baby.


Professional images by the talented Sommer at BOKA Images.

Pregnancy Announcement

As a last note, I had so much fun planning our pregnancy announcement for Baby B. There are a million cute ideas out there! We decided to ask one of our favorite photographers to help us with the “…and then there were 4” concept. I pulled together a clothing color scheme of Navy, Grass Green, and Salmon. We made our own note card and let our photographer do the rest. The end result is exactly what we were shooting for! I hope you have fun with these images and would love to see pictures of other pregnancy announcements you love!

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9 thoughts on “We Are Having A Baby: Pregnancy Announcement…And Then There Were 4

  1. Soooooo excited for your family!! A baby is such a blessing. Your announcement is beautiful, sweet, funny (Toddler A’s surprised face lol) and perfect. You are simply glowing! Congrats to all 3 of you. 🙂

  2. Oh Chelse the announcement is so darn ADORABLE! I wish I had just a “tiny” bit of your creativity! So happy for you and Damian and of course big brother. Let the fun begin! Love you so much! Congratulations! P.S. if it’s a boy I love the names Branson and Beau.

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