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I have a quick share today about an outstanding program our family recently became involved in. It’s important to my husband and me that our son has access to activities that engage him emotionally, mentally and physically. Last year we enrolled him in an infant and toddler tumbling class with Kerstin and N. We loved this class but tried something new over the summer. I have a short series of pictures to share today along with the reasons we love VIBES, our new fine and performing arts studio.

VIBES is about putting Good and Positive Vibes out into our community, allowing students to excel in music and the arts, and to expose students and families to new opportunities in the world!

Because Daddy D is a teacher, he has summers home with Baby A. He decided to enroll in a Kindermusik class with our son and they both loved it. (Kindermusik is a curriculum based learning program designed around music. For more information, visit here.) We are lucky enough to have access to a studio in our community called VIBES¬†and the director, Miss Amy, teaches many of the Kindermusik classes. With Miss Amy’s certified teaching credentials and passion for music and learning through movement, Baby A feels comfortable, confident, and carefree during his time in her class. We have noticed an improvement in his coordination, listening, control, vocabulary, and love for music through his involvement each week. He is allowed to be himself and participate at his own discretion. We are also welcome to join in and we love the bonding time it provides for our family.

The following photos are from our class this week where we worked on different lessons through song and movement using a transportation theme:

Encouraged and accepted movement anywhere in the studio:



Bright colors everywhere:


Laundry basket “train cars”:




Parent and child participation:


“Driving” while listening to car sounds:




Practicing rhythm and beat with drums and egg shakers:

VIBESA IMG_4966 IMG_4963

Story time to wrap up lessons and tie everything together:


Old Brass Wagon Kindermusik example:

What other classes and activities do your infants or toddlers love?

2 thoughts on “VIBES: Where A Kid Can Be A Kid & Learn

  1. love, love, love. I’m so glad we have this in Casper. We really want to do Vibes, but unfortunately the four-year-olds evening class filled up the first day before I got home to register and the other time spots don’t work for us. Hoping a spot might open later or that we can do the summer or get him in next year. We did the Music on the Move night in July, when they had the symphony players and it was fabulous. X played with the drums at Ms Amy’s booth at NicFest and still talks about it.

    1. Me too, Miss Jenn! Me, too! We have had wonderful experiences with all of the infant / toddler activities we have enrolled in. From swimming to tumbling to VIBES…we have some awesome things in our community. I love that X still talks about the drums. Music really is so powerful!

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