Turn Around Blessings: What a Great Problem to Have!

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and like each year, I’m reflecting on the things I’m truly thankful for. I’m not one who believes a certain time of year or holiday should be the only moment to count blessings, but as the busy holiday season approaches I can’t help myself.

I’ve been on a personal journey to live in the “right frame of mind” by finding a way to be grateful for the challenges in my life. I try to remind myself of blessings by saying, “what a great problem to have!” as I turn each challenge around. This may sound silly at first, but give it a try! It’s kind of like adding “in bed” to the end of your fortune cookie prediction. A few recent examples for me include:

Challenge: “I’m so exhausted. How am I going to get this house picked up?”

Turn Around Blessing: “I share a lovely home with a healthy, active toddler and newborn. How many people have lost a child, miss past years of youth, or would trade anything just to have child to pick up after? What a great problem to have.”

I love you to the moon and back, Toddler A and Baby B!

Challenge: “I am so behind on thank you notes! How will I ever find the time to write words of gratitude to my friends when I can’t get two seconds of down time?”

Turn Around Blessing: “Thank goodness for the amazing friends who spoil and choose to stand with me through thick and thin. How many women have the privilege of sincere, deep, and true friendships to share in? What a great problem to have.”

Ladies, I wouldn’t appreciate or enjoy this journey half as much without you!

Challenge: “All I can hear is “MOMMY!” “Chelse….wife?” “WHAA MAAA MAAA!” How on earth can I possibly be everything to everyone today!?”

Turn Around Blessing: “I have a full house of people I chose to share this busy, yet beautiful life with. They all value and need me. How many people wish for their loneliness to disappear, struggle to find the right partner, or would give anything to share their home with an infant? What a great problem to have.”

I cherish our home, family, and love, Daddy D.


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Challenge: “My work just keeps piling up. How will I ever get through everything that needs accomplished before the holiday break?”

Turn Around Blessing: “I’m fortunate to have built a career I am proud of. How many others are desperate for work or uncertain of where their next paycheck will come from? What a great problem to have.”

Hard work for a good cause is always worth while!

Challenge: “It was so hard to drop my kiddos off on Monday morning. Will I ever be able to leave them without feeling a little sorrowful?”

Turn Around Blessing: “My children have a safe place to be loved and cared for where they will have access to experiences I could never provide at home. How many moms aren’t sure about the way their children are treated each day, can’t access quality education, or are forced to stay at home if they don’t want to? What a great problem to have.”

Miss Teachers, I’m so grateful to you for nurturing my children!


Challenge: “I hate asking for help. How much will it hurt my pride to admit to my mom that I can’t get everything done on my own?”

Turn Around Blessing: “I have an extremely supportive mother and she is always happy to help. Plus, spending time with grandchildren is a blessing for her, making it a win-win. How many people miss both their parents every single day and would happily take one last moment with them in any capacity? What a great problem to have.”

Mom, I am so thankful for everything you do to help me!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Take the time to count your turn around blessings and enjoy the holiday!

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