True Toddler Fashion: “TTF Part III”

I asked and you delivered! This is one of my favorite Jelly Bean Journals series and this time the True Toddler Fashion on display is from your tiny self-dressers! Brace yourself for a repeat venture of a project I shared with you back in 2015 and then, again, with round two just this past May. I had asked if any of you would be up for sharing your own renditions of True Toddler Fashion, and boy did you deliver! Let’s go with part three of “TTF” where we explore and celebrate the true, self-created style of our toddlers!

I was so pleased to learn that you all allow(ed) your toddlers to dress themselves from time to time and when appropriate. It is so important that we show love and acceptance with their selections, which can be hard when we are in a hurry, or during those times when we would like our kiddos to be clothed a certain way. As moms we do learn to pick our battles and by honoring clothing choices we are reinforcing confidence and independence in our children as well as empowering them! I say that as long as you are drawing the line at cleanliness and safety, it’s all good.

I’ve had a blast reviewing your toddler’s trendy threads! My top picks are below:

Bathroom Bandit

Toddlers often go with clothing free choices and they seem to take accessorizing seriously. This little guy took it to a new level by concealing his own identity! He was so happy to dress himself that he didn’t care which item was supposed to clothe which part of his body. I do feel slightly sorry for his tiny nose. No matter, this little cutie is crushing this look and maybe it isn’t a bad thing that his nostrils are tightly sealed based on the undies choice!

Batting Business Beach Bum

Our littles can pull off some eclectic looks in a way we never could as adults. Check out this handsome fellow. He is ready for the ballpark, the office, or the beach. Hey, I appreciate kiddos who are ready to take on the world and this look screams, “bring it on!” Most notably, the colors of this ensemble are perfectly coordinated.

Naked Turtle Power

Here we go with the mostly clothing free choice, again. With those to-die-for turtle legs, my best guess is that there is a tushy under that shell to match! This toddler knows that hydration is the key to any trendy look, so his cookie monster sippy is close by. Really, what more could a busy little kid need besides a turtle shell and some water?! Cowabunga, naked little dude!

Sporty Diaper Dolly

This little sweetie has grown up to be a gorgeous high school cheerleader! From the looks of this throwback, safety was just as important to her back then as it is now. She decided to use pull ups as shin protectors, helping her to safely bounce off whatever may get in her way. She combined that with her adorable matching track suit and her daddy’s hat to create a fab look!

Boots, Naps and Cowboy Hats

Cowboy ethics are strong with this young man and he obviously has his priorities straight. A well rested toddler means a happy toddler and he’s not willing to forsake his comfy jammies for pesky clothes. Hats off to this buckaroo who also matched his black boots to his cap. He’s clearly on his way to take care of some important business with that confident stride.

Spidey Salon

I have yet to see true toddler fashion that doesn’t include superheroes! It’s so much fun that our littles can see themselves as amazing “good guys!” This tiny spidey is ready to take down the bad guys with his super heat melting gun, which also doubles as a beauty appliance for his mommy. I’d rather hug this adorable guy than stay out of his way, but villans beware! He will blow you away!

…and, hey, what superhero doesn’t look awesome wearing his big bro as a backpack? 

Thank you for helping me complete the True Toddler Fashion Part III project with YOUR photos! Your toddlers have stolen my heart!

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