True Toddler Fashion: “TTF Part II”

There are a couple of posts I want to make sure I write for, or about, both of my kiddos. This is one of those and it falls on the lighter side of things. Brace yourself for a repeat venture of a project I shared with you all back in 2015. (Yeah…2015…my dear goodness! TWO years ago?! Anyway…) Enter “True Toddler Fashion” where I explore the true, self-created style of a toddler!

As I did with our son, I try to allow Toddler B to dress herself when it’s appropriate. (This was personally harder for me with Kiddo A because he was WAY out there at times with his often hilarious choices; and probably because I had less “mom experience” when he was a toddler.) Toddler B does a pretty decent job, but I still have to work at times to show love and acceptance with her selections. When we are in a hurry, or during those times when I would like her to be clothed a certain way, this can be extremely trying. I do pick my battles and try to remember the confidence and independence I’m helping to build in her by empowering her to pick her own attire. (It’s still REALLY hard for me to leave pants on backwards and shoes on wrong feet, but hey, I’m a work in progress!)

It pains me to say, but my little lady isn’t all about dresses or “tutus” as she calls everything that doesn’t have two leg holes. She loves her big bro’s clothes and she often picks outfits that reflect his style more than the cute girly clothes I buy for her. So, for the most part I let her call the shots, drawing the line at cleanliness and safety.

Over the weekend I was going through photos and found some gems that speak to the True Toddler Fashion (TTF) I attempt to accept with love in our home. You’ll notice “clothing free”choices as Toddler B loves to be a “naked baby,” which is one of her most favorite mantras to yell as she runs through the house…or yard. I’ve had a blast naming these trendy threads and I hope you’ll help me compile a TTF Part III by sending me pictures of YOUR toddlers with creative style names.

London Pants Falling Down

Well, actually, pants were never a part of this ensemble! To her credit, she knew I would ask her to put on a coat and hat because it was snowing outside. Opting for bloomers that go under one of those “tutus” she refuses to wear was the closest she came to pants. She looked adorable and was so proud, so we just grabbed a blanket to cover those cute thighs for the quick car ride to grab Sunday Morning Coffee.

Upside Down & Insides Out!

Here you will find Toddler B in her favorite, upside down sunglasses, a hat that fit her head at birth, and a swimming suit two sizes too small which nicely shows her diaper and belly…even though it’s not supposed to be a bikini! There is also one winter mitten laying on the ground which was a part of this regalia moments before the picture was taken. This girl loves her body and I hope it stays that way. I just let it go and put a new suit and sun hat on the shopping list!

Brotherly Love

This layered look was imagined by my toddler who doesn’t know or care about gender stereotyped clothing. All she knows is that her big bro is pretty awesome and whenever she has the chance to sport his sport shorts, they’re on! The only problem is when he needs his clothes to get dressed and he finds them ON her, it’s hard to get them back.

There Was An Old Toddler Who Lived In A Shoe

Seriously, Toddler B has so many children we don’t know what to do! She loves, loves, loves her “BABIES!” So much so that they are often worn about as additional fashion accessories…don’t you just LOVE this baby doll necklace and shoe-free look? Getting in the car with our two children and all of hers makes for difficult outings at times, but we can’t leave her home alone to “whip them all soundly and put them to bed!”

Wyoming Spring Snow

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like. Toddler B wanted to wear some of her new warm-weather garb but, unfortunately for her, we had a typical spring day in WY, complete with light snow. You have already guessed the non-negotiable here…PANTS…under the tropical flower shorts.

Sun’s Out…Guns (And Helmets) Out!

“Naked Baby!” mixed with big brother’s VERY used Spider Man helmet makes for some True Toddler Fashion. I’m not sure what more a toddler girl could ask for! Don’t be fooled by her pink shorts, she’s clearly the super hero of the story and she doesn’t even need socks in her shoes to save the world!

Help me complete the True Toddler Fashion Part III project with YOUR photos! Make sure your little person picks their own attire, snap a photo, and then submit it to us here at Jelly Bean Journals by emailing or post it in the comments.

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