True Toddler Fashion: “TTF Part I”

I've come up with a FUN project that I would love to do with all of you! Help me complete the True Toddler Fashion Part II project! Make sure your little person picks their own attire, snap a photo, and then submit it to us here at Jelly Bean Journals by emailing or posting in the comments below. Now, read on for the rest of the story...

Allowing our toddler boy to dress himself while showing love and acceptance is just one of the many things I’ve chosen to come to terms with as a mom. When we are in a hurry, or during those times when I would like him to be clothed a certain way, this can be extremely trying. I do pick my battles and try to remember the confidence and independence I’m helping to build in him by empowering him to make these choices. So, for the most part I’ll let him wear items he is adamant about. There are some non-negotiables when it comes to his clothing choices, as well, like weather appropriate attire for safety purposes or pants for the simple sake of decency!

Over the weekend I was going through photos and found some gems that speak to the True Toddler Fashion (TTF) I attempt to accept with love in our home. You’ll notice some reoccurring items such as swim goggles and turtle slippers as well as multiple “pants free”choices. I’ve had a blast naming these trendy threads and I hope you’ll help me compile a TTF Part II by sending me pictures of YOUR toddlers with creative style names.

Ain’t Nuthin but a Tag Thang & Baaabay!

Thanks, Dr. Dre and Snoop for the “Nuthin But A “G” Thang” inspiration! The dollar store’s cowboy hats and babies sure make it easy to emulate everything I’m sure you meant to convey in your rap lyrics!


Maternity by Day, Toddler by Night

Your toddler is sure to look stunning in any mommy maternity shirt they can find! Simply couple with a paper mask and random shoestrings for a glamorous night on the town in garb that conveys body image confidence!


Turtle Power

I’m sure many-a-toddler children have worn pajamas as outfits throughout history. I’m sure even MORE have opted for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle attire. This is just one of the hundreds of versions our son sports, including goggles, because, well, water happens to sting his human eyes…


I Mustache You to Party, Boy!

Party on, party people…no pants required! Nothing screams, “I know how to have a great time” like a robot with a mustache, an unbuttoned onesie and a hat sporting “Happy New Year!” Plus, just about every color in the rainbow is represented here, so pairing matching  socks should be a breeze!


Snow Shoveling Safety Coordinator

Remember the non-negotiables  I mentioned earlier? This is a shot of the “weather appropriate attire for safety purposes” I was talking about. So, as you can see, there is a coat, hat, glove(s), and boots. The toddler additions include the Spider-Man Helmet, those water goggles, and multiple layers of TMNT pajamas. Hey, shoveling snow with dad can be a dangerous task!


Dino Dad

Our toddler loves his Daddy. Therefore, wearing his boots and gloves always seems like the best idea imaginable. (Yes, those are men’s size 14 kicks!) Coupled with a dinosaur mask from a friend’s birthday and “Ships Ahoy” shirt, this eclectic look clearly doesn’t need pants!


Glamour Ninja

Ranking as one of my top favorites, this getup says, “less is more.” Our son loves “injas” and often asks to have strings or bandannas tied around his head, waist or wrists. These items also serve as “hyahs,” his creative alternative to weapons. This day, he felt he was ready to battle the bad guys with a glitter scarf, two stickers, and his TMNT slippers. No argument, here! I was just pleased to catch this action on film, noting a dead Elmo and Cabbage Patch baby in the background!


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