Thank You Casper Executive Car & Limo!

We wanted to make sure we gave an extra shout out to our Mommy Juice Margarita Tour sponsor, Casper Executive Car & Limo (previously Lynn’s Limos)! They gave us a fabulous rate on a bus and worked closely with us to make sure all of our guests had a wonderful time and were shuttled around and home safely.






As some of you may know, when we started promoting this event, we were thrilled and surprised by the positive response we received. We had anticipated driving the attendees in our own cars and maybe recruiting another driver if we were lucky and had the interest. When people started following the event on Facebook and officially registering, it became clear so many of you were ready for a great night out with new and old friends. In an effort to accommodate more of you, we started scrambling, reaching out to various companies and brainstorming ideas like renting vans. Casper Executive Car & Limo stepped up to the plate and made it possible for us to provide a driver service with our evening out. After an awesome night and successful event, we believe we’ll continue to be great partners with Casper Executive Car & Limo as we bring you more Mommy Juice Tours and Mommy’s Night Out events.

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They have several car and bus options for all sorts of events like birthday parties, end of school parties, school dances, bachelor and bachelorette parties, black car service, and local interest tours. Be sure to contact them for a fun night out. Thanks again to Casper Executive Car & Limo for sponsoring our event!

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