Sunday Tips for Making Your Week Easier

As a working mom, I find it so much easier to take care of a few things on Sunday before we head back into the work week. It helps me to feel more in control and not so rushed on  the week days, especially in the mornings. Here are a few of the things that help me out.

1. Set Out 5 Outfits for Me

I don’t always wear each that I pick for the week. But , if something unexpected comes up or I take a long shower and am running behind, I have outfits to pick from that have already been thought out.

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2. Laundry

I prefer to do all of our laundry in one weekend day. My mom and I have always disagreed on this. She does laundry throughout the entire week so she doesn’t have to devote a whole afternoon to it. It’s what works for her, but not me. The hours with my boys during the week are just too precious and I don’t want to be distracted from them. So, I take the morning or afternoon on Sunday and do 3 or 4 loads of laundry.

3. Prepare Easy, Go-To Breakfasts

One of my favorite parts of the day is sitting down and having breakfast with my guys before we all head out in different directions. Making a couple yummy, healthy breakfast options ahead of time gives us a little more time together in the morning. Egg cups and oatmeal bakes are among my favorites! Try this one!


4. Review Calendars

Seano and I take about 10 minutes to do a thorough review of our weekly calendar including work meetings, social engagements, family appointments and activities. We use a shared Google Calendar which we access through our phones. It makes scheduling things so easy and we mostly avoid scheduling conflicts utilizing this tool. I also use it as my to do list. The best part is I can choose what he sees; so things that I need to complete but he doesn’t need to see can be visible just to me. Things that we both need to attend or that I don’t want him to schedule over can be seen by both of us. This is a serious component to our communication and life, especially during the weeks when Seano is on call.

5. Grocery Shopping & Menu Planning

Similar to laundry, I avoid grocery shopping on a regular basis. I am not one of those people that goes every couple of days. I try to do a big shopping trip every other week. On the opposite weeks, I do a small shopping trip for milk, fresh produce and anything else that comes up that we need immediately. In order to do this, I have to be really good at menu planning. I use this cute board I found to plan out the upcoming week’s menu. So, on the big shopping trip weeks, I plan meals for two weeks. On the opposite weeks, I just make sure we are squared away for the upcoming meals for that week and that something didn’t accidentally get eaten that I need for a dinner. Seano helps loads in the kitchen and will often take dinner making over if he gets home earlier than me. This helps him know what we have ready so we don’t rely on junk food or fast food. These are two of our favorites.


6. Clothes for N

Just like mine, I lay N’s clothes out for the week. When he’s interested, he will help me pick them out on Sunday. This helps avoid the, “I don’t want to wear that today!” meltdown. I can remind him we picked it out earlier in the week to wear. If you’re like us, you don’t have a shortage of clothes for your toddler. So, this also helps ensure we get a good rotation through his clothes. And being prepared saves us extra time in the morning.


I’m telling you, as small as these things are, they are huge time and headache relievers for me during the week. What other tasks do you do on the weekend to prepare for the week? Any of them game changers? Please share!

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Tips for Making Your Week Easier

  1. I love these tips! Mornings are crazy for us, too! I started laying R’s clothes out the night before, but LOVE the idea of doing the whole week for her and for ME! This definitely would buy me a few spare minutes.. which could be used to make sure she actually is brushing her teeth and OP isn’t playing in the toilet!
    AND, thanks for the fast breakfast ideas…. she loves cereal and waffles, but neither are really that healthy! Thanks for the tips, sista!!

    1. You betcha friend! I’m always happy to share what’s worked for me and learn what’s worked for others! And trust me, we still do waffles, cereal and french toast sticks some days!

  2. Good tips. I’ll need to start getting far more organized now that we are adopting again in January! We do weekend laundry too. We usually pull out clothes the night before. I would love to be able to do my whole week, but I’m too picky. Sometimes the next morning I’ve already decided that I don’t want to wear what I picked. I’m in trouble with a little girl as X is already pretty definite about what he wants to wear.

    1. I’m so, so, so excited to hear this! Congratulations! I am so happy for your growing family!

      N’s opinions are really starting to, shall we say, blossom. So, I can this becoming more of a challenge as he gets older.

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