Sneak Peek: 2015 California Trip

As I mentioned in Tuesday’s post, Traveling with a Toddler: The difference a Year Makes, we made a trip to see family in California in early June. We had the best time and came home with wonderful memories and full souls. Here’s a little sneak peek through some of our favorite images!

We flew into San Francisco and drove to the community where my cousin Jon lives. His oldest daughter was graduating from high school and we were thrilled to spend a few days before graduation with them and attend her ceremony! Although, due to a huge lightening storm, it was California’s shortest graduation in all of history, graduating 400 seniors in a record-breaking 35 minutes! Fun fact, Jon was 15 when I was born, I was 15 when his daughter was born, and she was 15 when N was born!




Then, we drove down to the LA area to spend a few days with my aunt, uncle, cousins, and their families. We were able to attend my cousin’s son’s 1st birthday party and got some great family time! I was also able to see my best friend since I was four-years-old.





We took N to Disneyland and, boy, did he love it! Highlights included running through the splash pad; getting photos with Pluto and, especially, Lighting McQueen; and the electric parade (which I did not get any great pictures of but did get the cutest video). N was so excited to see the electric parade and was clapping and waving uncontrollably. I love Disneyland, but watching my son fall in love with it made it so, so much more special.








What a wonderful trip! We can hardly wait to make it back to California!

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