Sign of Hope: DIY Decorative Paper Mâché Initials or Wall Sign

Friends, I am always one to keep it real. Typically, when I post a DIY, it’s because I was able to get in, get it accomplished, and move on with my life. These are the types of projects I live for…and this project is NOT one of those!

If you are looking for a QUICK go of things, just tell me how adorable this project is and move on. I spent three quarters of a day and created a lot of mess with this cutie! However, if you are looking for an EASY go of things, I would say that this sweet little sign is rather simple, as long as you have some patience and are willing to relive your paper mâché days from elementary school.


My Sign of Hope project can also be used to create other words or initials to hang in a nursery or family den. (There are pictures of both ideas a little later in this post.) If you decide to give this one a try, I suggest you find a friend to share your craft time with and use the following process:

Collect Your Supplies

20170105_102756 Scrapbook Paper

20170105_102814 Decorative Ribbon

20170105_102901 Decorative Flowers

20170105_102936 Cardboard Letters

20170105_103539 Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

20170105_103555 Mod Podge & Paintbrush

20170105_103610 Tape

20170105_103619 Glitter Paint

Get To Work

1. Hand shred, or tear, scrapbook paper of choice into strips.


2. Dump generous amount of Mod Podge on plate and pick paper strip placement.


3. Remove paper strip and generously coat letter with Mod Podge.


4. Place paper strip over wet Mod Podge.


5. Generously coat entire paper strip with Mod Podge.



6. Generously apply Mod Podge to edge of paper strip and repeat until letter is coated.


6. Repeat on letters of choice and set aside to dry.

7. Use steps 1-7 to apply additional, single paper strips in design of choice on other letters.

8. Hot glue decorative flowers in design of choice.


9. Paint letters of choice with glitter paint.


10. Hot glue decorative ribbon in design of choice to letters of choice.


Display Your Final Project

20170105_154653 20170105_154748 20170105_154903 20170105_155017

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5 thoughts on “Sign of Hope: DIY Decorative Paper Mâché Initials or Wall Sign

    1. Thanks, Prairie Wife. This is actually a gift for a friend, but I’m thinking about doing another full name for Baby B’s “big girl room” when we transition!

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