Russian Sage Bundle for Rustic Fall or Winter Decorating

Each autumn we trim our Russian Sage, or Perovskia Atriplicifolia, nearly to the ground. We do this to keep our plants healthy and thriving. Let me tell you, it works like a charm and these beauties bloom a gorgeous purple all through the following summer. Their aroma reminds me of hearty sage and they are loved by bumble bees. On hot afternoons our fence sounds like a buzzing electric line because of the busy pollinators working from one tiny flower to the next.

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

A few weekends ago during our annual trim, Daddy D inadvertently laid one of the small bushes on the ground in a perfect heap. The twigs smelled of their familiar scent, even though they were already dried out.


I decided to create an accent piece that I could display through the rest of autumn and into winter. I am so fond of the end result that this may have to become an annual project for me. I love the idea of a free and beautiful decoration that allows me to enjoy my Russian Sage plants through the winter months.


I already had everything I needed for this craft so it cost me nothing except a little time. Here is how I put it together:


1. Russian Sage Branches20161105_110152

2. Pine Cones20161105_110556

3. Gold Rope20161105_110416

4. Hot Glue Gun20161105_123110

5. Scissors20161105_114017

6. Paint Brush20161105_114153

7. Gold Glitter Shake20161105_114037

8. Gold Glitter Paint20161105_114144

9. Gold Spray Paint20161105_115354

10. Clear Spray Paint20161105_110819


 Step 1 Cut and arrange stick bundle to desired shape and size.

Step 2 Paint handful of select branches with gold spray paint and let dry.

Step 3 Fasten bundle with sturdy rope.

20161105_110143 20161105_115600 20161105_121049

Step 4 Spray 1 pine cone with clear spray paint and sprinkle with glitter shake.

Step 5 Paint 1 pine cone with gold glitter paint.

Step 6 Spray 1 pine cone with gold spray paint.

20161105_114720 20161105_115027 20161105_115700

Step 7 Spray all 3 pine cones with clear spray paint and let dry.

Step 8 Hot glue all 3 pine cones in desired shape.

Step 9 Double or triple knot rope into desired shape.

20161105_121138 20161105_123830 20161105_123815

Decorating Ideas

I placed my bundle in a glass jar, making a nice addition to my already existent decor. You can add as many or as few additional colors of ribbon as you please, which is why I pictured burgundy ribbon in the supplies. This would make a pretty addition closer to Christmas time. Also, you do not have to stand your bundle upright. You can lay it across a large table as a centerpiece or on a mantle as a large item addition to your fall or winter decorating. For more gold and shimmer, add additional embellished pine cones or paint more than a handful of branches gold. I love the way my gold branches just peek through, but you could add many more!

20161105_13040720161105_124751 20161105_124818 20161105_124857 20161105_12570620161105_125014

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