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On Tuesday, I shared A Letter to My Son on His 2nd Birthday. These annual letters have become an important tradition to me. Another tradition we started from the week N was born included taking his photo on a different piece of fabric each week (it turned into each month when he turned 1). I hang them up every year at N’s birthday party. Our guests love looking at how he’s changed over the year.

Here are the photos from the last year (scroll down to see photos from last year).

     24 Months    23 Months    22 Months

     21 Months     20 Months    19 Months

     18 Months    17 Months    16 Months

      15 Months    14 Months     13 Months

The idea came from a project that was completed by Young House Love.  I loved the idea exactly as it was so I didn’t change a thing. In addition to documenting how my son was growing and changing, I found it was a way I could practice my photography and editing skills (clearly some weeks and months are better than others and I still have lots of improving to do).


Throughout the first year I only needed a 1 X 1 yard of fabric but now we’re on to 1.5 X 1 yard. I hit up Hancock Fabrics and find the sale section or look online for clearance fabric. During his first year, I usually tried to purchase 8-12 at a time to make my life a bit easier. But now that I only need 12 a year, I buy two or three at a time. Although it doesn’t happen for each photo, I try to coordinate fabric by what was happening in our life. There were a few mishaps when time got away from me and I ended up using something around the house…like a shower curtain or wrapping paper (can you guess which ones?)!

For each milestone birthday, I make a special fabric which I order from Spoonflower. For his first birthday I created a fabric to match his party theme. For his second birthday, I had him draw a picture on paper and then turned it into fabric. I keep all of these fabrics handy and use them for alternative purposes like table runners or staging photos. We recently purchased a used sewing machine and I’d love to use the fabric to make all of my baby-having friends adorable burp cloths.

Putting him in some type of white shirt for each photo, I created a template in Photoshop that I use to show how old he is. Each month I change the age and the color to coordinate with the fabric.

I have seen lots of adorable ways to document kids growth like this and this. What ways have you documented your kiddos growing up?

4 thoughts on “N’s Picture Project

  1. This was always a treat to see on a monthly basis Kerst! And how much you must enjoy them now 🙂 I love how you two ladies are so creative !!! Keep up the fabulous work please .

    1. Thanks Jo! It’s crazy to look back from, even, just the beginning of one year to the end. They change so much while they are this little!

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