My Thanks for a Captured Authentic Moment

To this day, this picture is one of my favs. Beautiful L posted it on social media for our group of friends four years ago and Kerstin recently shared it, again, as one of her favorites.

This photo of friends is posed, but it’s not formal or professional. This is a true image. It captured a group of people living in an authentic moment.

There were babies yet to meet and some of us were just dipping our toes in parenthood.

Some heartbreaking illnesses and losses had passed and some were on the way.

Big career changes had already taken place and more were to follow.

Friendships were forming, reformatting, and continuing on the journey of change.

Marriages were being maintained, strengthened, or tested to prepare for the road ahead.

Life’s greatest celebrations had been shared with additional festivities to come.

Even though this photo was snapped just a few years ago, life was so different. I’m sharing it because every time I view it, I’m reminded of something I once read on Living Abundantly with Carol:

If friendship is clairvoyant, I know I’m blessed to have crossed paths with these humans whether it be for a reason, season, or lifetime. The lessons I carry will serve me well and I know that not everyone is so lucky to experience such friendship. It’s been a beautiful journey to share with beautiful souls and this image will always remind me of a moment in my life that I am grateful to have experienced, no matter how long it lasts. As we approach the holiday of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for this special reminder.

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