My Husband’s a Better Story Teller Than I Am

Well, maybe only sometimes. But man, my hubs can tell a story! Maybe it’s just me but his charming wit, passion behind the words he’s sharing, and his slight exaggerating nature makes for a good, good story. Facebook confirms this with the number of likes and comments he gets when he shares stories or reminisces about the activities of our son. Since many of our Jelly Bean Journals readers don’t get to see these lovely little anecdotes on my husband’s Facebook page, I thought I’d share a few of them in my post today. Enjoy!

Don’t Ya Just Love Diaper Cheese? – August 27, 2015

Today I picked the boy up from daycare. As the conversation progressed, he informed me his favorite snack was “diaper cheese.” After a complete failure to communicate what diaper cheese is/was, I informed him that just as a rule of thumb any snack which has the word diaper in the title should be avoided. There was no response from the boy. Hmmm.

Equal Intellectualism – August 10, 2015

The boy took a measurement of Kerstin’s car tonight (using a tire gauge) and informed me that I needed to remember the measurement was 7 o’clock long. As some of you know, my son and I are now at the same intellectual level when it comes to taking measurements.

Where EXACTLY Did that Come From? – July 22, 2015

As the boy was playing with Kerstin tonight, he had a very long and loud passage of gas. He quickly turned to his mom and clarified “mommy that came from my butthole.” That’s a new word. Haven’t heard that before.

This is How I Watch the Little Mermaid – June 18, 2015

Sporting a fat lip and a life preserver (aka “my shield daddy”) the boy has decided he has the correct attire to watch little mermaid.


I Still Can’t Find My Underwear…But Here’s a Latex Glove – May 7, 2015

After our son’s trip to the bathroom approximately 20 minutes ago, he exited naked from the waist down. I politely informed him he needed his underwear on. He left the family room searching for his underwear which were lying right in front of the bathroom door. His first return to the family room he was still naked but had bubbles. Second try, he returned with a flashlight and orange medical glove, still naked. Third try Kerstin and I were privy to a 45 second long one sided conversation about the location of the toilet and bathroom door, but still no underwear which he was standing on while looking for them. ‪#‎2yroldproblems‬

Doooon’t Eaaat Mmmyyy Noooose! – March 30, 2015

The boy just lost it because….. “Momma just ate my nose”. Crisis adverted, Kerstin gave his nose back.

Strange Obsession – October 7, 2014

My son located a clean latex medical glove at the house tonight (approx 5 pm) It never left his hand until 8:40 pm, he ate, had multiple sword fights, and raced cars with it on. However when it was removed for bedtime all hell broke loose. As I write this, he is still whining because he wanted “his glove” to sleep with him. Conversations I never thought I would have #203,457

Mandatory Protection – August 4, 2014

After a mighty spill off the couch and lots of crying, Nevin requested his helmet by saying “on daddy, on mama.” Hasn’t taken it off since.


Quite the storyteller, right? And with a subject like N, who is always busy, investigating and in the moment, I’m pretty confident the stories will never end. How about you? What kind of crazy, cute things have your kiddos said? And who tells the stories in your family?

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