My Husband Wants to do What this Weekend?

Oh my gosh! Can we just talk about weekends for a minute? The days that are supposed to give us sanity, allow us to spend precious time with our family, and fill us up before we head into another work week. All too often these days end up full of commitments, chores, projects, activities, and who knows what else. I certainly don’t mean to say that the commitments that fill our weekends up and steal them away aren’t worth it or full of things and people I love. But, with too much packed in a weekend, they’re gone in a blink. Let me share a few things with you that I’ve learned about weekends!

Communicate Expectations


Surprise (#notreallysurprisedareyou), my number one suggestion is communication! Seano and I have to communicate our expectations and intentions for the weekend ahead of time. Our desires and interests are often on opposite spectrums and if we don’t communicate, one or both of us ends up disappointed by Monday morning. So usually around Thursday evening or Friday morning, I’ll try to remember to say, “Hey, besides what’s on the calendar, what would you like to do or get done this weekend?” Seano is a little more of a home body and relaxer than I am. I usually like to see friends, get a house project done, or check off a pesky chore. By having a quick conversation, we can reset expectations and make sure our top priorities have a place in our weekend.

Fun, Family & Personal Time are a Must


This is my gas station; it’s what fills me up. It is critical for me to make time for fun things we choose to do as a family or things that give me some personal time to relax or do something I enjoy. This may be brunch at one of our favorite restaurants, a hike, or quiet time at home.  Seriously, I can pinpoint disappointment on a Monday to this. While I love being productive, if this piece is missing, I’m off, I have a hard time getting motivated, and I long for the following weekend. Occasionally, if it looks like it’s going to be an especially busy weekend or we’re coming off a crazy week or previous weekend, we’ll schedule this time into our days. We’ll just say Saturday morning is for us or we’re having family dinner Sunday. Weekends should be full of fun, even if you have to schedule it! Ha!

Boo, Some Things Just Have to get Done


Whether I like it or not, there are certain responsibilities we take care of on the weekends as two, full-time working parents. So we can have dinner together and some family and quality time during the week, we take care of grocery shopping, most errands, and laundry on the weekends. We also have a number of house projects on our list and we try to do as much as we can ourselves. Weekend days are the best days for big projects. It’s just the reality. So, there are just things that have to get done on the weekends. Accepting instead of fighting this has been a game changer for me. Also, as N gets older, I have a helper in many chores and projects. And, that adds a fun, new dynamic to responsibilities.

Balance, Balance, Balance


We all know, the perfect balance each weekend isn’t possible. Some weekends we travel and aren’t home to do chores or projects and others are just full of fun commitments. We understand that and are okay with it because we can’t control everything and wouldn’t want to miss out on many of those activities. But, we like to try to balance those by bookending them with less planned and quieter weekends. This allows us to prepare ahead of a busy weekend or recover after one. It’s a little trick that helps us.

With all this said, we usually try to get a nice mix of fun and chores as well as home and social times. Sometimes we make Saturday a chore/project day and Sunday a fun day while others are a big smorgasbord of stuff. Some weekends workout perfect! Others, well, they just don’t. But figuring out the types of things that we love doing on the weekends and the other things that we have to do, has been so helpful.

Do you struggle with crazy weekends that go by in a flash? How does your family manage or handle it?

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