My First Valentine

This week, just having celebrated Valentine’s Day, I wanted to talk a bit about my first Valentine. This year, like last, I had two.  Each fills my heart in a different way. One came before other and the other is the result of THE one.  Seano is THE one.

S&KYellow LeavesFourteen years ago this past Friday (Valentine’s Day), Seano sent me flowers at school. It was the first BIG sign that he kind of liked me even though he lived more than 500 miles away (I’m pretty sure my mother-in-law may had something to do with this which I will always be grateful for).  This was also a huge deal, because it was AWESOME to get a note on Valentine’s Day telling you there were flowers, balloons, chocolate, etc. in the office for you to pick up.

Seano and I had just gotten to spend some time together in December when his family made a trip to Iowa for his Grandma’s wedding. After this trip I pretty much knew, in some way, this guy was going to be a really important part of my life.

S&KWeddingThough life took a long time to bring us truly together, nothing will change the fact that my soul has been connected to his since the day we met 19 years ago. (Wow! How is 19 years possible?) And today I am so much more because of him and so many of my blessings are a result of him.

Seano, I am so fortunate to be creating this beautiful life with you and I’m so grateful for the love and commitment we have for each other.

Since I became pregnant two years ago, we have experienced so much joy as well as some heartache. I have learned so many new things about myself and my husband and well, about love. While I treasure romance and special connections, looks, and efforts, I continue to learn that love exists strongly in little things and unexpected moments. So this year I thought I would share my updated perspective on love.

Seano, even though you may not know it, in these moments, you made me feel SO much love:


Thank you, Seano for all you do and for how much you bring to our family!

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