My 5 Favorite “New” Baby Products

I was anxious with anticipation as I lay in the ultrasound room waiting to find out if I was having a boy or girl. It was my choice last time to wait to find out the sex of Big Brother N. This time, Seano really wanted to know. Prior to our 20-week appointment we had decided we would find out the sex of our growing baby. Little Brother N wasn’t cooperating as the ultrasound tech drove the wand over my belly and we waited and waited for what felt like hours but was probably mere seconds. Finally, she said, “Oh, I can tell what you are!” She proceeded to type, “Oh boy, I’m a boy!” on the ultrasound screen next his male parts. We were going to have another baby boy! Several things immediately went through my head: little boys love their mommas so hard, and I was going to be lucky enough to get to experience this again; a built in best friend for Big Brother N; and we would hardly need anything as I kept EVERYTHING from Big Brother N’s babyhood. So far, it seems I’m right on all three accounts.

Friends and family have been so loving and kind showering Little Brother N with new gear, clothes and toys. So, he did end up with a number of new items, too. Between the items we were given and few items we bought, I have found some new favorites. These may not be new items on the market, but they’re items we didn’t have with Big Brother N and ones that I’m so happy we found for Little Brother N.


Ergo & Infant Insert 

Seriously, what a lifesaver with two kids! I had a used Baby Bjorn with Big Brother N that I put on a total of three times. I just never needed it. If I had something to get done, Seano could take the baby and vice versa. And, if we were out and about, someone always wanted to hold him. In between having the boys, I noticed some friends who used a carrier to keep their baby with them in public instead of passing the baby around. Newborns are so susceptible to germs and illness that I picked up on the benefits of this strategy. I also had friends with multiple kids tell me how helpful it was to have a carrier they liked. After looking at some different options and talking to friends, I landed on this Ergo with the Infant Insert. My lovely friends chipped in and purchased it as a sprinkle gift for me. I love it and use it regularly. Seano uses it as much as I do! Even when Little Brother N was 6 lbs, the Infant Insert kept him nice and snug, and he loved cuddling up to me and sleeping. There are a number of positions you can put the baby in, so it grows with them.


Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper

When we brought Big Brother N home from the hospital, Seano immediately ran out to try and find a co-sleeper. We had planned on keeping him in the bassinet level of our pack-n-play in our room. We quickly learned that the mesh barrier kept us from easily seeing what he was up to and what he needed. With no co-sleepers locally in town, we settled for a slotted cradle which we sold the second we were comfortable putting him back in the pack-n-play. I had several people, Chelse included, rave about their co-sleepers. Chelse was up for selling hers and we figured we’d give it a go. We have loved every second of having it; it is so convenient to get the baby when I need him or he needs me, I can easily place a hand on him if he needs comforting, it is much smaller than a pack-n-play and takes up less room, and I still feel safe because he has his own sleeping space.

Boppy Lounger 1Boppy Lounger 2

Boppy Lounger 

We registered for this item on our list of mostly consumables but only recently received it as a gift. It is awesome! We use this as a secure spot for the baby when we’re lounging in bed, as a cushy comfy spot for him on the floor when we’re playing with Big Brother N or the dog, on the table when we’re eating dinner so he can be up with us, and so many other ways and times. Some of the things I love about it are: it’s easily portable so it moves from room to room with us; Little Brother N can cozy right into it when he’s ready to sleep; and it’s elevated on one side so it helps with congestion and reflux. We often used our regular Boppy in the same way for Big Brother N. The benefits of the Lounger over a typical Boppy are: you can set the baby on a hard surface and it’s still comfy on their bum and the sides don’t slip out making their head eventually slink off.

Sock Ons

Sock Ons

In all honesty, I haven’t purchased these yet. A close friend who had a baby about a month before me puts them on her daughter all of the time. Every time I see her, I think, “I have got to get those.” My baby’s socks fall off constantly! I have about four pairs which stay on his feet really well. I find I’m constantly rotating through these and just need to bite the bullet and buy these foot suspenders. I just made another note to myself to purchase these.

shampoo Lotion

Honest Company Products

Ever since the Johnson and Johnson baby powder lawsuit, I have struggled to regain trust in the company. It was important to me to find a new brand that I was comfortable with. A baby’s skin is so sensitive and requires the gentlest care. We didn’t start using soap on Little Brother N until two weeks ago. In the last month or so, we have used Honest Company’s Dreamy Lavender Ultra Calming Lotion and recently start using the Shampoo and Body Wash. I have been so pleased with how gentle the products seem to be and how they leave the baby’s skin feeling soft and moisturized. We use Big Brother N’s phrase from school, “a dab’ll do ya!” and it really is true. A dab of either go a long way. Both scents are soft, leaving Little Brother N with a touch of sweetness but nothing that is overpowering.

Have you found anything that became a lifesaver or a new love with Baby #2? We’d love to hear and share your suggestions.

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