Must-Have Toddler Boy Clothes

Man, do I have warm weather on the brain! I have been dreaming of vacations, days by the water, shorts, grilling with friends, excessive amounts of playground time, and just about everything else I associate with spring and summer. Sadly, I really have no excuse. We had a pretty mild winter in Wyoming (until last week) with some warm days to give us breaks from the snow. But, regardless of what type of winter we have, it seems like I’m always ready for a change of season this time of year. So, I put a couple toddler boy outfit ideas together to get me even more ready for spring and summer! I hope you enjoy!


It’s usually still winter in Wyoming at Easter. So, I picked pants, a sweatshirt and laced shoes to keep N warm during Easter egg hunts and festivities.

Pants / Shirt / Sweatshirt / Shoes

Casual Summer

This outfit will be for church, birthday parties, or special nights out.

Shorts / T-Shirt / Collared Shirt / Shoes / Sunglasses


With a comfy t-shirt and baseball cap, N will surely be ready for playtime with his friends this summer!

Shorts / T-Shirt / Cap / Shoes

Check back on Thursday for a St. Patrick’s Day craft post. Yes, that’s right, it’s a two-post week surprise!

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