Mother’s Day Fingerprint Ring Tray

Happy Mother’s Day (a few days early) to all of you amazing moms who are part of our Jelly Bean Journals community. No one knows how much you give, how deep you love, or the things that fill your brain space more than another mom. And we are in your boat, on your team, supporting you and cheering you on as loud as we can.  We hope your upcoming Mother’s Day is a time for you to pause, relax and be spoiled by the little ones in your life  who are so grateful for you but really have no idea that you are far more grateful for them.

For me, Mother’s Day always provides a brief moment for me to look back fondly and sentimentally on the instant I became a mom and to really process what these kids have brought to my life. I always appreciate the efforts that are made and just feel so overwhelmingly lucky to be on this journey with my people.

Just because it’s Mother’s Day and my family celebrates me, doesn’t mean I have the day off. We have several important moms in our life who also deserve a huge reminder of just how special they are to us and to our children. This year we put together a little fingerprint ring tray. I am all for homemade gifts that document a certain phase or stage of life. This little tray will be perfect to put by the kitchen or bathroom sink, or to have on a nightstand or dresser. Selfishly, I made one for myself too. There aren’t two thumbs I could possibly love more.


  1. Trays (I used these)
  2. Paint (I used this)
  3. Fine Sharpie


  1. Cover your paint area if your toddler is anything like mine.
  2. Decide how you will layout the design on your tray(s).
  3. Place a small amount of paint on a paper plate.
  4. Dip first child’s finger in paint so tip of thumb is lightly covered.
  5. Turn thumb slightly left and push on to tray.
  6. If necessary, re-dip thumb, turn slightly right, and push on tray. Make sure the bottom of each thumbprint overlaps to create the heart.
  7. Repeat for each additional child.
  8. Let dry for 30 minutes.
  9. Use sharpie to write names and draw designs.
  10. Follow curing directions on paint (mine called for 30 minutes in the oven at 325 degrees).

Have a beautiful Mother’s Day!

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