Mommy Juice: Casper’s Margarita Tour & What Does Being a Mom Mean to You?

This is a special week at Jelly Bean Journals. Two of our series are meeting up! For the month of September, we are sharing a special series in collaboration with Prairie Wife in Heels and The Tall Mom. We have been writing for each other on a topic relevant to our regular content. Here’s what you can find during the month of September:

Here at Jelly Bean Journals, being a mom means honoring our very purpose as a blog by celebrating all things sweet and sour about mommyhood. We openly and honestly talk about the good, bad, beautiful, and challenging things we have experienced being mommies. Being a mom also means finding other moms to lean on for support, sisterhood, and fun! Thus, enter our ongoing Mommy Juice Series and a recent night out with 40 awesome moms!

We took a lighthearted approach in creating our Mommy Juice series. Along with loving the term, we hope this group of posts will help fellow moms to sit back, unwind, and enjoy a cocktail. We have a deep love for mocktails, as well, so this series is sure to have something for everyone. After all, we absolutely love enjoying a favorite drink with a great friend. So, here’s to you, girl! Cheers!


Today’s Mommy Juice Pick: Margarita

The Recipe: According to, all you need for a Margarita is lime juice, orange liqueur and tequila.

Why We Picked This Mix: After we posted our two self proclaimed Bloody Mary Tours through Casper and completed our 3 Classic Margarita Mocktails post, we continued to hear from our besties about letting them join in on our fun. So, we got to planning and decided to open a Margarita tour for some of our closest friends. Before we knew it, around 50 people signed up for our event, many of whom we’d never met!


We loved our night out and enjoyed margaritas while meeting new friends and spending time with already familiar ones! You didn’t have to be a mommy to join us, and we even had the company of a recently engaged couple. For $40, the night included great company, one margarita at each venue, appetizers, a ranking card to provide feedback, and transportation including a ride home.

We ended up with some INCREDIBLE sponsors for this tour!


Neat Freaks, a professional cleaning service, provided a give-away for our night out. They offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and one time cleanings. They provide free estimates and their people are absolutely amazing to work with. They are ready to expand their business, so give them a call and be sure to ask for Co-Owner, Courtney, who loved the idea of an evening out for overworked moms. Neat Freaks donated 2 free hours of cleaning to be given to one of our lucky Mommy Juice participants. Beautiful Jolene was the winner of this prize after another mommy won but donated the prize back! It was an intense drawing…twice!!


Our other sponsors went ABOVE and BEYOND for our group! On the Border provided some of the best service for the night. Their attentive staff, engaged manager, and endless Margarita pitchers made it hard for us to get our mom friends out the door! They helped us celebrate a birthday and were incredibly accommodating. Fire Rock’s appetizers were absolutely delectable. They gave us a beautiful private room where we enjoyed a stiff drink with dinner and a super friendly server. Keg and Cork was attentive and ready for our large group. They poured the tallest glasses of Margaritas and some of us enjoyed live music out on their patio. A very special thank you goes out to our transportation sponsor, Casper Executive Car & Limo. Owner, Lou, was our personal chauffeur for the night and she made sure that our friends made it home safely.



Below you will find the combined Margarita scores provided from our group.

We have placed the drinks in order from our group’s most favorite concoctions to our least. But, the individual rankings should help you find the drink that best fits your taste.

The Jelly Bean Journals Scale:


0 = No Spice Here; 1 = A Little Zing; 2 = Now That’s a Kick;  3 = Yeah, Too Hot for My Mom!


0 = No Flavor Here;  1 = A Little Taste; 2 = Now I Can Taste It; 3 = Yeah, That’s Flavorful!


0 = No Sweetness Here;  1 = A Little Tart; 2 = Now I Got It Sweety; 3 = Yeah, Sugar, Sugar!


0 = No Garnish Here; 1 = A Little Extra; 2 = Now I Can See Them; 3 = Yeah, There They Are!

Alcohol Strength

0 = No Alcohol Here; 1 = A Little BOOze; 2 = Now We’re Talkin’; 3 = Yeah, Baby!

#1 On The Border: Borderita

14305293_10154485762895365_1876537921746378577_o      10801891_1544260202519184_6130108911442855102_n     14322218_1770251239899393_1967841476345432134_n

Spice: 0 = No Spice Here

Flavor: 2 = Now I Can Taste It

Sweet: 2 = Now I Got It Sweety

Garnish: 1 = A Little Extra

Alcohol Strength: 1 = A Little BOOze

Noteworthy: This drink was delivered with the best service of the night and it landed at #1 as our group’s overall top pick. This is the drink for you if you like a smooth, balanced Margarita. Some comments left from our moms:

“Amazing service!!”   “Great margarita!”

“Really Smooth”   “The tartness is good.”

“I could drink pitchers for hours.”

“All the staff were amazing!! The bar tender is great!!”

“Thanks for the pitchers”   “Yum!”





#2 Keg and Cork: Classic Margarita

14264947_10207172315214833_5314362544709362505_n      12932557_713715618770006_7984286136808068774_n      14292518_1770347313223119_3770294910080421695_n

Spice: 0 = No Spice Here

Flavor: 3 = Yeah, That’s Flavorful!

Sweet: 3 = Yeah, Sugar, Sugar!

Garnish: 3 = Yeah, There They Are!

Alcohol Strength: 2 = Now We’re Talkin’

Noteworthy: This drink had the most garnishes of the night in the biggest glass and it landed at #2 in overall ranking for our group. You will love this drink if you want a super sweet Margarita. Some comments left from our moms:

“Favorite of the night!”   “Amazing!”

“Yummy!”   “The best and biggest!”

“Best drink of the night.”

“Fantastic!! Well worth it!!”

“Nice citrus flavor.”




#3 Fire Rock: Avion

14237737_10210136615113924_4741019886903910500_n      67014_563937296993062_1337902248_n      14333750_1770303439894173_1385585016543763437_n

Spice: 0 = No Spice Here

Flavor: 3 = Yeah, That’s Flavorful!

Sweet: 0 = No Sweetness Here

Garnish: 3 = Yeah, There They Are!

Alcohol Strength: 3 = Yeah, Baby!

Noteworthy: This drink had great flavor with the most salt of the night and had the highest score in alcohol. Even though it came in at #3 in overall ranking for our group, you will love this drink if you want a stout, flavorful Margarita. Some comments left from our moms:

“Strong and good!”   “Friendly staff!”

“A lot of tequila!”   “I love their appetizers.”

“Very strong.” “WOW! Eye opener!”

“Great appetizers!”   “Strong and salty!”






To Sponsor

If you’d like to sponsor one of our future tours, contact us by emailing

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