Mommy Juice: 3 Classic Margarita Mocktails

Last week we attended a Cinco de Mayo make-up party with some friends. We weren’t able to get together on the infamous day, so we made it happen a week later. I offered to bring the drinks and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share some classic, on the rocks margarita mocktail recipes for this Mommy Juice post. I searched Pinterest and online recipe sites for three that each had their own little twist. Here’s a little reminder about this series:

We took a lighthearted approach in creating our Mommy Juice series. Along with loving the term, we hope this group of posts will help fellow moms to sit back, unwind, and enjoy a cocktail. We have a deep love for mocktails, as well, so this series is sure to have something for everyone. After all, we absolutely love enjoying a favorite drink with a great friend. So, here’s to you, girl! Cheers!

Today’s Mommy Juice Pick: Classic On the Rocks Margarita Mocktail

The Recipe: Each of the recipes we tried had similar components with different twists. The common ingredients were limeade, limes, salt and ice. It was the wild cards like agave nectar, flavored sparkling water, and powdered sugar that helped each have its own distinct taste.

Why We Picked This Mix: As I mentioned, we were celebrating Cinco de Mayo and what goes better with Cinco de Mayo than margaritas? Nothing, if you ask me! So, it was the perfect opportunity to try out some new mocktail recipes. Also, how much fun is it to say, “margarita mocktails?” Pretty fun right? There are SO many margarita recipes out there…coconut, mango, cucumber, jalapeno, etc. But, for this Mommy Juice post, I just wanted to get to the bottom of the best classic, on the rocks margarita mocktail.

I have placed the drinks in order from our most favorite concoctions to our least. But, the individual rankings should help you find the drink that best fits your taste.

The Jelly Bean Journals Scale:


0 = No Spice Here; 1 = A Little Zing; 2 = Now That’s a Kick;  3 = Yeah, Too Hot for My Mom!


0 = No Flavor Here;  1 = A Little Taste; 2 = Now I Can Taste It; 3 = Yeah, That’s Flavorful!


0 = No Sweetness Here;  1 = A Little Tart; 2 = Now I Got it Sweety; 3 = Yeah, Sugar, Sugar!


0 = No Garnish Here; 1 = A Little Extra; 2 = Now I Can See Them; 3 = Yeah, There They Are!

Alcohol Strength

0 = No Alcohol Here; 1 = A Little BOOze; 2 = Now We’re Talkin’; 3 = Yeah, Baby

Margarita Mocktail #1 – Betty Crocker


 Spice: 0 = No Spice

Flavor: 3 = Yeah, That’s Flavorful!

Sweet: 3 = Yeah, Sugar, Sugar!

Garnish: 1 = A Little Extra

Alcohol Strength: 0 = No Alcohol Here (Duh, it’s a Mocktail!)

Ingredients: Lime Wedges, Coarse Salt, Frozen Lemonade Concentrate, Frozen Limeade Concentrate, Powdered Sugar, Crushed Ice, Club Soda

Noteworthy: This drink was our first pick. Very sweet and yummy, it stood out above the other two. It also tasted most like a traditional margarita. A couple of the tasters threw in some orange tequila for extra flavor, and it was delicious!

Margarita Mocktail #2 –

Popsugar via Preggatinis by Natalie Bovis-Nelsen


Spice: 0 = No Spice

Flavor: 2 = Now I Can Taste It!

Sweet: 2 = Now I Got It Sweety!

Garnish: 1 = A Little Extra

Alcohol Strength: 0 = No Alcohol Here (Duh, it’s a Mocktail!)

Ingredients: Agave Nectar, Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, Limeaid (we did not use organic), Lime, Salt

Noteworthy: This was a close second. I particularly loved the flavor the fresh lemon juice and agave nectar added to this drink. But, it just wasn’t quite as tasty as our first pick. The orange juice stuck out making it stray from the classic on the rocks margarita.

Margarita Mocktail #3 – The Pinning Mama


Spice: 0 = No Spice

Flavor: 1 =A Little Taste

Sweet: 1 = A Little Tart

Garnish: 1 = A Little Extra

Alcohol Strength: 0 = No Alcohol Here (Duh, it’s a Mocktail!)

Ingredients: Limeaide, Lemon Flavored Dasani Sparking Water, Lime Flavored Dasani Sparking Water, Orange Juice, Ice, Salt, Lime

Noteworthy: This was our least favorite but it was still good. It certainly lacked the sweetness the other two recipes offered. But, the addition of the lime and lemon flavored sparkling water made it feel refreshing and light. I can certainly picture drinking this on a hot, summer afternoon!

Have you jumped on the mocktail train yet? If so, what do you think of margarita mocktails? Let us know if you have a favorite recipe!  If you liked this post, sip on these, next:

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