Modify Ink Print DISCOUNT & A Mommy Moment!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored by Modify Ink. We received complimentary merchandise to review their product.  All opinions are 100% honest and our own. 

Hello friends! Do I have a treat for you today! We are featuring Modify Ink prints and they are offering YOU 30% off a print (details at the end of the post)!


Modify Ink & How It Works

Back in February, when Chelse and I attended the 2015 Build Your Blog Conference, we had the opportunity to meet Rachel, the founder of Modify Ink. Modify Ink is one of the coolest ways to incorporate art into your home decorating. There are really two components to Modify Ink. The the artist network and the artwork print sales side. Today, we’re focusing on the latter. Modify Ink offers reasonably priced, customized art prints. The moment Rachel gave us her pitch at the conference, I knew I had a place for Modify Ink prints in my home.  There are times when I’m putting together a room in our home and I can’t find the right artwork or prints for the walls. Modify Ink enables you to create prints that work perfect in each space. Here is how it goes:

  1. Search their artwork and decide on a print.
  2. Choose your print size (there are many options).
  3. Edit the print (You have the ability to make numerous changes including moving and rotating pieces of the image, changing colors, and adding and playing with different patterns).
  4. Click finish and go through the purchase process.
  5. Print arrives at your door about 5-10 business days after your purchase.


I have been working on this little area in our home I like to call my office. When we moved into our house a year ago, I wanted this room to be bright and cheery since its the sitting room you walk into when you enter our house. I use this little corner to blog on a weekly basis and also use it for home management like paying and organizing bills and any work I bring home from my full time job.

I want this area to be represent me but it also has to flow with the room’s overall aesthetic. I went with light gray walls and bright accents including teal, mint green, pinky coral, yellow, and royal blue. Believe it or not, their are not a lot of artwork prints and accents that include these colors. I was able to incorporate each individually but had a hard time finding items that including them all together. So, this is the room I focused on when I created my Modify Ink print. I knew it was a perfect opportunity to create a piece customized for this room. There were a number of prints that grabbed my attention and that I played around with. But, in the end, I landed on feathers. I have read that feathers symbolize truth, love, and agility. I thought I could use all of these things in this little space.

My Mommy Moment

The whole process of creating a print was easy breezy and I couldn’t be happier with it. But, for the sake of being honest with our JBJ community that we LOVE so much: a couple days after receiving my product I came around the corner and, to my horror, my son had taken scissors to this beautiful print!

To date we have only worked with a handful of brands, and we take working with these companies very seriously. Both for them and for our readers. I wasn’t sure how I would come back from this. I had not photographed my print yet and I instantly felt like I was punched in the stomach. My husband quickly came to my rescue and said we could tape it from the back and that, after all, I have a mommy blog and this was a mommy moment. The tape trick worked and you can’t even see the scissor mark! The slice is right in the corner of this beautiful print (sorry Rachel!).



Modify Ink is offering all Jelly Bean Journals readers 30% off! Be sure to use this custom link and feel free to share it with your friends! And, get going! It’s only good for 72 hours!

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