Merry Gentlemen

This time of year always causes reflection for me. As I was browsing through images to share this week, I came across this gem and my chest instantly tightened. Not long after, tears began to flow and in the middle of this physical reaction I felt a mix of sadness and joy. You will remember that my family lost this wonderful man, my Grandpa John, this past fall. We celebrated many Christmases with him and this will be our first without him. Even though this picture is two years old, it allowed me to remember the amazing grandpa I was blessed to know and the type of man I hope my son becomes. Baby A was almost 6 months old his first Christmas and I remember being delighted over this image of Grandpa John with a spiked eggnog and our tiny boy with his favorite sock monkey. They looked like such merry gentlemen sitting together on the couch and gazing at the tree while the rest of us frenzied around to get dinner on the table. Christmas is sure to be a total delight this year with a toddler who now understands the spirit of giving and the excitement of the season. Even if he doesn’t remember my grandpa, I hope for him to always understand his loving spirit through our memories and actions.


We will miss you this Christmas and always, Grandpa John.

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