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Starting an introduction for this week’s guest blogger is such an honor. I deeply admire Sommer’s comforting demeanor and ability to confidently navigate her life while she wears multiple hats. She works from home while remaining a loving wife to her high school sweetheart and husband of  11 years (they have been together for 15) and raising her two beautiful children.


Sommer gave birth to their first child after 8 years of marriage and he spent his first 3 months of life in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She shares that this experience taught her family much about the value of life, marriage, friends, and their faith in what was “the hardest journey [they] have ever gone through.” Just before their now healthy son turned 3, Sommer and her husband welcomed their second baby, a beautiful little girl. Both of these little gems keep her busy and I can see the joy and pride in her face when she talks about them.


Sommer earned her post secondary degree in fine art and graphic design from the University of Sioux Falls and is a partner in a successful start up marketing firm. She also owns a small photography business where she is able to capture the most beautiful moments in her photographic art. For me personally, she has created some of the most precious images of my pregnancy, our newborn, and his first year of life. I will always cherish them and I’m grateful she has shared her gift with me.

IMG_8296 (1)

Sommer’s favorite things include date nights with her husband, naps, and time with their village of friends and family. From her gorgeous auburn tones to her gleaming personality, Sommer is a true artist, talented businesswoman, loving individual and completely impressive person. You will not regret coming back on Thursday to read her guest blog post. You are sure to gain valuable insight into the way “she does it all” and find comfort in her words of acceptance and forgiveness.

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