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After a question from a reader about why so many women are taking maternity photos so seriously these days, we turned to one of our favorite photographers to help us answer this question. Professional photographer, Corrie Lubenow of Corrie L. Photography, is our next Guest Blogger. I cannot wait for you to read what she has to say on this topic. She is a knowledgeable professional and her thoughts are refreshing and intriguing.


Corrie is the sister of one of our dearest friends and we have been blessed to get to know her and her beautiful family. She has three daughters and a strong marriage founded in faith. I am constantly impressed at her relationship with her girls and in how she is raising them. Her second oldest graduated from high school this year and is one of the most intelligent and down to earth 18-year-olds that I have ever met. Her youngest is likely the most spunky, hilarious pre-teen around and all of the young ladies are absolutely gorgeous!


Corrie is a nurse by education and trade but in recent years has found a love for family and nature photography. As she began to take photos, we all quickly realized she has a natural talent for this profession. Perhaps it is her sweet heart and ability to really feel moments that allows her to capture amazing interaction between people. She is also incredibly kind and generous, making time with her and her camera a special happening.

We have been lucky enough to get to share a session with Corrie for Jelly Bean Journals and I am so excited that some some of these pictures will appear in a special, upcoming post! She has committed to helping us with photography on our blog as we need her. We LOVED the images from our first session and are so excited to continue working with her.

Please come back on Thursday to read her thoughts on why taking maternity photos is important and to enjoy a glimpse of her beautiful work inĀ Celebrate and Bare that Baby Bump!

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