Lil N Turns 1

N turned 1 in October.  I had so much fun putting together a birthday party for him. I know he won’t remember it, but I will and we’ll show him photos.  We chose a “You Are My Sunshine” theme.  I’m sure I don’t need to explain, but N is simply that, our sunshine. The last 17 months has been an incredible adventure and choosing this theme was a way to honor what he has brought and added to our lives. This is also a song I and his grandmas sing to him regularly. It was the perfect choice.

I’m pretty confident some of our family and friends thought we (i.e. me) went overboard but I don’t mind. I enjoy being crafty and I really, really enjoy spoiling my little boy. And his first birthday was a great opportunity to do just that. I’m not sure if I will be able to pull off such cute parties for each of his birthdays but I know his birthday made me reflect on the last year and where we were a year ago. I was happy to celebrate our new life as well as my little man.

IMG_0235Lucking out, we had the most beautiful October day.  Another special point of this day, was one of my dearest, dearest friends had recently moved home with her husband from Costa Rica. This was one of the first days our little friend family was all back together again. It made the day even more special.



We kept things simple for the actual party.  We did food, cake and presents on an early Sunday afternoon.  We invited family and close family friends. Some of our very good friends lent us their personal jumpy castle which provided endless entertainment for the kiddos.  Yep, we have awesome friends.

IMG_0267 IMG_0272

Since we partied on a Sunday afternoon, we thought we better feed everyone lunch. We chose 1 pm because N gets up from his nap around noon and has lunch.  He doesn’t go down for his afternoon nap until 3:30 pm, so we knew we’d get some good happy, awake time with him. My mom helped me a ton with the food. I also made little food tags that coordinated with the “You Are My Sunshine” theme.

IMG_0242 IMG_0246

 I had to make most of the decorations as our theme wasn’t very common. I didn’t want the party to look cartoony, I wanted it to be sweet. So I went used a bunch of cardstock and made different suns and signs.

IMG_0151 IMG_0199

For N’s first year, I took a photo of him on a different piece of fabric every week. I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love. My mom made backgrounds for the photos and we made a photo wall of all his weekly photos. There were plenty of times throughout this project that I thought about letting it go. As N got older, keeping him on the fabric became a challenge. I’m so glad I didn’t. It was so fun to see how he changed throughout his first year. AMAZING!


We ordered the most yummy cake from Cakes of Distinction. Thanks to Chelse and her husband’s wedding, we discovered this amazing baker. The yellow sun on top of the cake was a small vanilla smash cake for N. He loved it once he got going and wanted to feed everyone.


My Photoshop knowledge allowed me to create a unique invitation for N. Again, I was going for soft and sweet and not cartoony.


I ordered the most adorable onesie for N to wear.  It came from the Etsy store Sew So Sweet Designs.


N’s birthday brought so much joy and fun.  But I also felt a small pain in my heart. The days are passing so fast. During his first year on the outside, there were times when the days seemed so long but looking back the time was so short. Without me even knowing, my little baby has turned into a little boy. Here’s to many more years of adventure baby!

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