Lessons Learned, New Goals to Accomplish

If you followed our Facebook page two weeks ago you were able to share in one of our new experiences as bloggers. This entire past year has been full of firsts for us and attending the Build Your Blog Conference 2015 proved to be very worthwhile. We gained exposure to an amazing network and learned powerful lessons.

Last week, Kerstin shared about how the experience impacted her and was able to relate it to being a better mom. This week, I’m thrilled to share some of the highlights, lessons, new goals and pictures from our journey.


The best part of the conference, hands down, was the network we were exposed to. Meeting bloggers who were newer than us to some of the biggest bloggers in the industry was simply amazing. It was easy to become inspired by their backgrounds and stories as well as their motivation and successes. Additionally, we don’t always get a ton of alone time where we are solely focused on Jelly Bean Journals. Kerstin and I were grateful for the opportunity to work on ourselves, our partnership, and this candy jar we are proud to call our blog!


We have dozens of pages of notes and I still feel a little overwhelmed at all the new information I learned! We gathered particulars about free resources, social media must dos, money making strategies, improving content, partnership ideas and much more. We drove back from the conference with an elephant size arsenal of information and we are working to eat it one sugar coated bite at a time!



True to our nature, we have returned home with an incredibly HUGE to do list! Even though we have come a long way in 1 year, we are ready to push the envelope. Our network has grown and we are looking forward to sharing the work of and partnering with other talented lifestyle bloggers. With this will come additional social media sites. Also, be on the lookout for monetizing opportunities offered to local and national partners along with sponsor posts. Additionally, you will see videos here and there as we start to explore vlogging. Lastly, there is a very special project in the front of our minds that we are absolutely over the moon about…we can’t spill the beans on this one just yet…but it is sure to be SWEET!


I found myself wanting to take pictures right and left! Kerstin was our main photographer and she did a wonderful job keeping up with a fun social media scavenger hunt sponsored by the conference. If you noticed all of the #bybc notes with our images on Facebook, it was for this activity. Some of the entries included, “it’s Saturday morning, we want to see you getting ready for the conference” and “take a photo of your lunch or dinner table.” We also captured, “take a selfie in a class or with someone teaching a class at the conference.” This was a huge score for us because we had Six Sisters Stuff writers in ours along with two other amazing bloggers: Melissa from Kid Friendly Things ToDo and Alexis from Joyful Momma’s Kitchen.

Morning          Lunch          Network

Thank You!

Thank you so much for joining our Jelly Bean Journals community. We are grateful for your support and following! We look forward to growing and providing even better content for you. Be on the lookout for our upcoming projects and please share our blog whenever you have the chance! We would also love for you to contact us with any thoughts or feedback.


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