Kerstin’s Top Picks: 5 Under $50 Baby Gifts

Since I just shared N’s Birth Story Part I and Part II (include links), I thought I’d share a few of my favorite “Go To Baby Gifts” for new families. These are some of the things we use(d) and love(d) most.

1. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets – $49.95 for four


I’m sure this one is on just about every mom’s list.  These blankets are amazing and good for both swaddling and using as a lovie.

 2. BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator (Blue) – $12.99

Strangest thing I’d ever laid eyes on, but seriously, revolutionary!  So reasonable and usable.  A must for every new parent.

3. Swaddle Designs Baby Burpee – $18 for 2


N was a spitter, a BIG spitter.  So we invested in good burp cloths and lots of them.  These burp cloths are thick and good sized.  And they are SO cute.  They come in all sorts of cute patterns and designs. Nothing wrong with being stylish and functional!

 4. Childrens Place Stretchie Jammies – $14.50


These jammies are still our favorite!  They are super soft and stretchie!  They grab around the ankle, but not too tight, so N’s feet didn’t get lost when he curled up and they held up really well through all the washes (see #3 “big spitter”).  Children’s Place swaps out the prints and they seem to go on sale at least a few times a year.

5. Wubbanubs – $13ish


N was and, to my dismay, still is a pacifier baby.  When he got a bit out of newborn phase, we loved the Wubbanub because he could easily reach around for it in his crib at night and find it. It was also much easier for us to find around the house when he had left it somewhere.  We did find they seemed to be a bit too heavy, so my hunting husband would gut the poor animal and pull out the stuffing.  Then it was perfect. You may check with whoever you are purchasing this for first to make sure they are planning on offering a pacifier.  My opinion today is N is much more attached to this than he would be a regular pacifier because it also serves as his lovie.

Happy shopping!

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8 thoughts on “Kerstin’s Top Picks: 5 Under $50 Baby Gifts

  1. @ Heidi, I can tell you the nose sucker is the best thing ever!!! Not only does it help the kiddo tons, you get immediate satisfaction. Kinda nasty, but it’s amazing what they can have in their nose

  2. I love to give the Munckin snack catcher cups and stackable snack storage. While they aren’t needed right away, they come in very handy.

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