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I pretty much love Pinterest. It keeps all of the awesome things I find online organized. Confession: sometimes, it does make me feel like a slacker because I get so many ideas from it and the reality is, not many of them get completed. That’s a story for a different day. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite pins and hoping I get the motivation to put some of these into action! (Hint: To repin, click on the image or click on the original source to see, you guessed, the original source. :-))


I’m pretty sure I constantly feel this way. Two problems: one, it would never happen; and two, I’m not a napper. Boo!
Original Source: Etsy


Such a fun summer project with older toddlers and young kiddos. Have them try to copy your sculptures or give them free reign. Then, after your sculptures are complete, eat them up!
Original Source: The Artful Parent


These painted filing cabinets are so much better than the scratched up old metal ones. And, depending on the color, they can add a pop of color to an office or room. Seriously just love this.
Original Source: All Things Thrifty


My mom and I never pass up a California Pizza Kitchen. One of my favorites is the BBQ Chicken Pizza. Our little family has no problems with gluten but I am aware it is probably best to limit the amount we eat. So, I am totally up for trying this California Pizza Kitchen-Style Gluten Free BBQ Chicken Pizza.
Original Source: Gluten Free on a Shoestring


It’s not often that I find something that I think Seano, N and I will all like. I’m pretty sure these will beat the summer heat for all three of us. All I can say is YUM!
Original Source: Style Me Pretty Living


When we bought our house, it came with a pretty structurally-sound play set. It had a great slide and we added our swing from our other house. N loves to play on it. But, it looks a bit rough and could use some stain and sprucing up. I love the idea of this tent and throwing some lights on it too!
Original Source: Lisa Leonard Blog


My husband will sometimes bring me home a bottle of wine and announce he has “Mommy Juice!” So, I have taken to calling all things that N can’t have Mommy Juice. Anyway, we have been spending lots of time in our backyard with our friends and family. N loves being outside and really enjoys playing in his water table, drawing with sidewalk chalk, playing on his play set, or just running around. I enjoy a glass of wine or beer while soaking in the sun and I think this will be the perfect summer drink.
Original Source: Real House Moms


One Little Momma is one of the blogs I read on a regular basis. This same little Momma has a  couple businesses and I LOVE her Nickel & Suede. Here are my favorite earrings of the bunch.
Original Source: Nickel & Suede

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