Kerstin’s All-Time Favorite Posts

Hey all! We celebrated the third anniversary of the Jelly Bean Journals blog back in January. That’s more than 225 posts! In all of this time, I’ve never recapped my favorite posts. So, I took a look back at my favorite posts and shared little notes about why these posts made my favs list. Personally, for me, a huge part of starting this blog was documenting life. This look back at time was a reminder of these moments and feelings that so quickly came and went. I specifically left out my birth story posts, because, of course, those easily trump so many others and I didn’t want them to dominate the lineup.

My Favorite Posts

1. A Letter to My 1-Year-Old on His Birthday – And an annual series began. Each year I write a letter to Big Brother N on his birthday talking about the previous year, and I plan to do this for Little Brother N also. Even more than sharing these letters on the blog, I adore that my boys will have these to look back on years from now.2013October10061

2. How I Learned to Date My Husband – This is definitely one of the most open and vulnerable posts I’ve written to date. For that reason, I know exactly what I was feeling and where the post came from. I’m easily transported to both the time I was writing about and the time I was writing it.

3. 9 Things I Hope My Grown Son Can Say About His Working Mom – More than anything, in motherhood I have struggled with my desire to have a career and be a fully engaged mom. In this post, I was able to articulate why I do what I do.

4. September Series: What Does Being a Mom Mean to You – Just as it says, this post sums up what being a mom means to me. And moreover, it describes how I “became” a mom.                                                                     12October2012Nevin067

5. To the Momma who is Doing the Best She Can – I wrote this post to other women based on how I was feeling in that moment. It turned out to be such a great reminder to me that since I wrote it I have gone back to this post several times and been comforted.

6. As I Send You Off to Preschool – I wrote this post as I prepared to send my baby to preschool. I was concerned some of the concepts were too big, but I included them because it was how I felt. Later, as several readers pointed out, these are applicable to our kids at any age. Even though I didn’t mean for it to be so universal, I loved that it was.

7. Dear Village – Not much else is as important to me as my people. I know I’ve been blessed over and over again by the relationships I’ve collected in my life. This was one little note to try my best to say thanks.

8. A Love Letter to Our Home – There are few objects in our lives that I adore as much as our home. It’s not so much about the home itself, but about what we’re creating there. I will forever remember our first home with love and fondness.IMG_2559

9. We Have a Secret – This post was so insanely fun! Any time we include such a cliffhanger in the headline, our readers are instantly hooked. So, it was fun watching the comments and engagement as we shared our exciting news.

10. It’s a Baby Sprinkle – I loved planning a party for Chelse’s Baby B. This post reminds me what a perfect, adorable, easy-breezy morning we had celebrating her impending arrival. It puts a warm, sunshiney feeling in my heart all over again.IMG_8625

If you’re a long-time reader, weigh in! What are some of your favorite posts? If you’re new, did some of these provide in a little more insight and history?

Keep an eye out for “My Favorite Chelse Posts” soon!

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