Kerstin’s 2014 Fall Recap

Our family had a busy and wonderful fall. (Check out past recaps here and here.) I’ve been thinking and processing the term “busy” lately. I have finally been able to accept that life is just going to be busy. For a long time, I seemed to say things like, “when things slow down” or “when things get back to normal.”  Well, for us, normal is busy. We are the kind of family that relishes togetherness and lives by experience. So, I’m embracing it instead of fighting it. And, I love fall in Wyoming so that makes being busy even easier to embrace! I am always up for taking advantage of any nice weather the season still has left in it. This year, we were blessed with many beautiful fall days.  With N’s birthday and the start of the holidays, fall also brings a season of togetherness for our families which is something I always enjoy! Anyway, on to our Fall 2014 Recap.

N’s Birthday

N turned two! His birthday was especially fun this year because some of my family came from California to celebrate. We held a party at our house for N with both friends and family. N is very into turtles (you may remember this was his first two syllable word) so we pulled that into his party theme and also included fish and sharks. I promised myself I wouldn’t go wild with his party like I did last year. I definitely toned it down, but there’s just something about throwing my baby’s birthday party that makes me want to go all in. (Check out his 1st birthday here.)



This year my mom planned a couple games for the kids that were similar to musical chairs. We played it until each child received a prize and I have to say, it was about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. All but two of the kids were under three. At first, they were so confused and just wandering around. Then they started to get the hang of it and would cheer for each other when they got a prize.



Also, during this visit from family, N got to hold his new baby cousin G for the first time. He was so proud!


Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze & Petting Zoo

The weekend before Halloween, we headed out to a local pumpkin patch, corn maze and petting zoo. Chelse, Daddy D, Baby A, and my mom went with us. We clearly went a little late this year as the pumpkins were gone and the corn maze was no higher than my tush. The facility also has a petting zoo and other attractions and this year they added a giant jumping blob. It was a beautiful day and, all in all, the boys and the adults had a great time.











Some of our friends have started a wonderful tradition on Halloween. Each Halloween they make chili and corn bread and invite just about every one of their friends and family members over to have dinner and watch Charlie Brown’s “It’s the Great Pumpkin.” They live in a great part of town where nearly every house in the area decorates for Halloween, has their lights on for trick-or-treaters, and hands out the best candy. We weren’t sure if N would be into Halloween this year or if we had another year before he was truly excited about it. To help make him comfortable, Seano and I dressed up as the other Neverland Pirates, Cubby and Izzie, to go along with our little Jake. Trick-or-treating was so much more than I expected this year – N was TOTALLY into it. At every house we went to he said, “Trick-or-Treat” and “Happy Halloween” in the sweetest, partly understandable, voice.





 We had a wonderful, quiet Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving dinner at Seano’s mom and dad’s house was about the only planned event we had on our schedule. We spent the afternoon and evening with our closest family and enjoyed delicious food and wonderful conversation. N spent the morning with Mimi learning a Thanksgiving poem and making a turkey hat which you can see below. The perfect entertainment followed dinner when Mimi and N recited the poem with their turkey hats for all of the family.




Christmas Parade

Although this borders on fall and winter, I’m choosing to share it with our Fall Recap. We attended our community’s Christmas parade the weekend of Thanksgiving. When we ask N what his favorite part was, he rotates between Santa, trucks and mommy. Not sure, how I got in the rotation but I’ll take what I can get! We made and shared snacks and hot chocolate with our friends and cuddled as we watched the lighted cars and trucks go by. A major highlight of the parade was a “float” where dogs from a local sled dog rescue pulled Santa’s sleigh!




So now it’s into winter, which means life will be a little slower (at least after Christmas) and we’ll enjoy a whole new set of activities like Christmas parties, building snowmen and skiing! Hope you and yours have a truly blessed and wonderful holiday season!

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