July Guest Blog Month Reflections

As we start to close our “first ever” guest blogging month, we are filled with ideas, emotions, and motivation! Being connected to the amazing women who offered their thoughts, feelings, and experiences is nothing short of a blessing. We are in awe of their journeys and beliefs, but most of all their willingness to share them with the world.

We started July’s guest blog month with Jenn, a Master Librarian and super mom! She was so generous with her writing of A Master Librarian Librarian’s Early Literacy Tips, that we couldn’t help but implement some of her suggestions. We began singing about EVERYTHING to our toddlers and we now trace their names with them at night before bed. (Glow in the dark stars are soon to be purchased for name tracing with lights out!) We nodded our heads with vigor when Jenn wrote, “as parents, we are the first teachers our children have.” We completely agree and take this role very seriously just as Jenn does. We hope she will return to Jelly Bean Journals as a guest blogger in the near future to share her incredible journey to and through motherhood. She is a true inspiration!


Meet Jenn

Then, we got to introduce you to our near and dear friend, Jessi. Reading through her post, The Someday Scenario, took both of us to a place in our not so distant past. “I love kids and have always known that I would want my own…someday,” is something we both remember reflecting on. Reading Jessi’s thoughts reminded us that so many things changed for us when we became moms. Some of our transitions have been beautiful and wonderful; others have been extremely trying. This post reminded us of the appreciation we had for our pre-mommy lives and the feelings of anticipation about how our children would impact us, forever. We also were amazed by her description of us as mommies. We both feel so different than the composed, planned, and precisely executing women she sees in us. This was a good reminder to graciously take a compliment and realize that we do a pretty good job of navigating this parenthood thing, even if we personally feel like life is a constant struggle.  We are so appreciative of Jessi’s honest contemplation about starting a family and in total support of her as she makes the decisions that are best for her own life.


Meet Jessi

When it was Sommer’s  turn to impart her knowledge, she simply swept us off our feet. In A Mommy’s False Sense of Guilt she was able to articulate what we believe to be one of life’s most important lessons for mommies. We can be so harsh about ourselves and each other that we forget to live in the moment and revel in the wonder of our children and lives. Sommer said it best when she stated, “my wish for all mothers is that we would give ourselves a break. We are all so hard on ourselves, and secretly hard on each other. It seems we could all benefit from taking a little time to reflect on the kind of moms we are designed to be. Then, embrace it and be the best kind of mom THAT is, whatever it looks like.” Amen, sister! We are so appreciative of your candid and insightful thoughts!


Meet Sommer

Lastly, Corrie took a turn to share her incredible work with us. In Celebrate & Bare that Baby Bump she reminded us of the importance and beauty of being a pregnant woman. Our lovely Corrie has a knack for intertwining her passion, beliefs, and work into one incredible package! In her closing she shared, “speaking as a woman, a mom of daughters, and a photographer, I never want anyone to feel insecure about themselves, especially when they become blessed with children. I want women to embrace their bodies during those nine months of creation and I want them to see it and have it to treasure on film.” Wow. We really couldn’t agree more and we are two moms who cherish every single pregnancy photo we posed for!


Meet Corrie

It’s hard to find the right words to express the respect we feel for these four women. We are so grateful to them for being willing to share their thoughts, talents, insights, and brief snippets of their journeys. We look forward to sharing more of their experiences with you in the future!

Thank you, again, Jenn, Jessi, Sommer, and Corrie!

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  1. It has been such an exciting month of reading, although I’ve missed your voices. Thanks again for the opportunity. I’ll keep working on my next story as well as other ideas!

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