Jelly Bean Journals Coffee Talk: Potty Training Vlog

Well, friends, it’s official. We have put out our very first vlog. You will notice that Chelse is pregnant in this project and that is because this little clip was filmed a year ago! It has taken some courage, processing, and plenty of editing time to prepare this video. Writing and posting pictures is one thing, but the act of looking at and listening to ourselves has pushed our boundaries. We weren’t even sure that this vlog would ever make it to you, but we decided to practice what we preach and live in the moment. Hey, there’s no place to go but up from here! (This is where we ask for your love and acceptance of our amateur vlogging skills!) If nothing else, we hope you can share in our friendship and giggle a little with us.

Picking the subject of our first vlog was much easier than pressing the “share with everybody” button. We struggled through the process of potty training Kiddo A and N around the same time and our stories are intertwined. We decided to tell those tales together and share some ideas for other parents working on potty training. We didn’t want to be another of those self proclaimed “potty training miracle” videos, so we intentionally shared the things we each tried in a conversation style clip. We hope that providing a little encouragement and maybe a new idea or two with others working to get their toddler to do their business without soiled undies will be just the ticket. Enjoy and be sure to share your tips and tricks with others in the comments.

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