Jelly Bean Journals 2014 Reader Survey

Hello friends!

This is a link to our first reader survey! And, boy, are we excited to hear from you! We hope to do 1-2 surveys a year to make sure we are providing content you find interesting and relevant, to learn more about you, to measure growth and changes from one survey to the next, and to do our best to connect with you! We have created the survey with you and your time in mind. It includes 10 mostly multiple choice questions and should seriously take you less than three minutes.

Please, please take the time to complete the survey. It is important to us that we hear from all of you and learn what you like and don’t like about our little community. Without readers, this blog serves little purpose. While we want to remain true to ourselves and the topics that excite us, we also want to hear what you’re interested in. Our guess is, the two probably aren’t far apart! Be sure to email us at if you have any additional feedback! Thanks a million!

Boys 15-1

Happy polling!

All professional photos taken by Corrie at Corrie L. Photography.

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