It’s A Baby Sprinkle!

Whoop, whoop! It’s a baby sprinkle! While we were waiting for Chelse’s sweet Baby B to arrive, several of our closest friends decided to throw her a little “ Baby Sprinkle.” Obviously, this is Chelse’s second baby and she swore up and down she didn’t need another shower. However, we all agreed that even though she probably had many baby items and necessities from her first rodeo, this baby and momma deserved to be celebrated. So we agreed to keep it light and intimate.


We landed on a Sprinkle shower theme and started scouring Pinterest. There were really two clear sprinkle theme ideas: rain sprinkles and baking sprinkles. Both were adorably sweet, but our group quickly landed on the first. We are so happy with how everything turned out and the beautiful day we shared with our friend!

We held the shower at my home and invited close girlfriends and family. Including food, drinks, decorations, invitations, postage, and ALL other costs of the sprinkle, the grand total of the Sprinkle came in under $225. I thought this was important to note because it was an adorable baby party and split between four hostesses, it was very reasonable.


We purchased these adorable invites from an Etsy Shop, Kimberly J. Design. I printed them on cardstock, purchased envelopes, used labels, and sent them out the door. (I blocked out some of the personal information on the invite but you get the picture.)



We basically set up four areas: a welcome table that included a sign in page for Baby B’s baby book, favors for all guests from Chelse, and a balloon cloud and raindrop sprinkle above; the food table with all food and paperware; the gift area with an umbrella, rain shower, and balloon cloud; and the outside drinks and eating area including the Momosa bar and beverage area. By focusing on these four specific areas that people would notice and interact with most, we were able to keep costs relatively low but still make the party feel festive and sweet.



Food & Drink

We scheduled the Sprinkle for 10 a.m. which is a perfect time for brunch. Our menu included two different egg bakes, muffins, fresh fruit, and a yogurt bar. For drinks we provided regular and lavender Momosas, lemonade, and water.






Chelse felt like she had most of the necessities from Toddler A’s babyhood, so she decided prepared, frozen meals would be most helpful to her. On the invitation we asked everyone to bring a frozen meal for Chelse’s family to enjoy after Baby B’s arrival. She happily left the sprinkle with a carload of food ready and available when her family needs it most! Since many people also enjoy buying baby gifts, Chelse registered for mostly usable goods at Target.



We had so much fun catching up, talking about the sweet baby that will be entering our world, having brunch and mimosas, and oohing and awing over baby gifts, that we forgot to put out the sundae bar! Only the last few people left at the shower were able to participate. So, we all had seconds! Sorry to those that missed out!


Hope you enjoyed this sweet Baby Sprinkle! Have you thrown a similar party? What are your thoughts on parties and showers for baby #2 or #3? What are your favorite gifts to give second and third time mommas?

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2 thoughts on “It’s A Baby Sprinkle!

  1. Looks like it was a great time. I’m so bummed I had to miss it. I loved the frozen meal idea. I think celebrating babies is a great thing. I’ve heard of a “sip and see” after the baby is born party, so you can drop by and meet. Especially when you adopt, and are surprised with a child, a shower is a great way to be a part of the “normal” parenting experience.

    1. We missed you Jenn! I also love the idea of a “sip and see.” And that does sound like the perfect idea for a surprise baby! I just love celebrating babies whatever way they come to us. 😉 And I think, we as parents, deserve a celebration too.

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