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HeadshotWhere do I even begin? I have so many good things to say about our next Guest Blogger, Jessi, that I could literally go on for days! But for the sake of both your and my time, I will try to summarize as best as I can and share only some of my very favorite things about her.

I met Jessi shortly after I moved to Wyoming in 2008 through our Young Professionals Network in town. We were fast friends, as Jessi is with so many people because of her vibrant personality, and our friendship has only grown stronger through the years.

IMG_5169Likely the most positive and outgoing person I know, Jessi has an innate ability to genuinely engage everyone she meets. This trait makes her a natural friend and leader. But, her truest qualities are loyalty and kindness. She is a friend that remembers to send you a good luck text before a big meeting, stays at your house until 3 am to help clean up after a party, and always knows what is going on with your extended family. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders and one of the shoulders I go to cry on first.

Also, I must tell you about her giggle. Jessi has the greatest giggle I have ever heard. It is at its best when she is being ornery or has just said, “that’s what she said.” She can laugh at almost anything at anytime.  I am far more serious and often find myself envious of her ability to be playful at any moment and find the humor in life. She may not know it, but I have been taking lessons from her on this for a while.

Jessi has been married to her red-headed sweetheart for nearly two years. They are thoroughly enjoying their time as newlyweds and definitely making the most of it between trips, dates, and house updates! They know they want kiddos but have not rushed into having babies. I, for one, know that they will be AMAZING parents as they are two of the most loving people I’ve ever known. One thing very impressive to me is that Jessi is gathering insight and information by visiting with other moms about various pregnancy, birth, and parenting topics. I can already see she really wants to be the best version of a mother that she can be.  I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a pretty darn good first step to being a great mom. It has been a pleasure to watch and be a part of this process and I am deeply honored to call her one of my dearest friends.


In addition to being a wonderful friend and wife, Jessi is a part-time student; part-time legal secretary; full-time daughter, sister, friend, and aunt; and Pinterest pinner.

So, come back on Thursday to hear Jessi’s thoughts on having and raising babies!

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