I Try Everyday

I try to speak to our son with respect.

For, how will he learn respect if it’s not shown?

I try to explain and redirect.

For, what does screaming and spanking teach him?

I try to hug and kiss for connect.

For, who should be teaching him healthy touch?

I try to praise him for all that I expect.

For, how will he learn to hold his head high?

I try to stay accountable for any neglect.

For, where will he learn responsibility?

I try to make sure everything is correct.

For, who else would I want him to call mommy?

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All Photos By Sommer Grogan at BOKA

2 thoughts on “I Try Everyday

  1. I can attest that this is exactly how you live your life! And what a well rounded little boy he is. All your hard work definitely shows 🙂

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