How Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Makes You a Better Mom

If you follow our Facebook page or read the blog last Tuesday, you are well aware that Chelse and I spent the weekend in Salt Lake at the 2015 Build Your Blog Conference. This was the first blog conference we have attended and being fairly new to the industry we weren’t quite sure what to expect. While we are really enjoying writing and sharing content with our community, there is tons to learn about blogging as a business, growing our blog, monetizing, photography and video. To say I was intimidated going into the conference was a pretty big understatement.

The conference was excellent (check back soon for an update)! Blogging has become a legitimate business, let me tell you! Some of the people we heard from make six and seven figure incomes, have significant influence over their communities, and support their families solely by blogging. I’m so proud of Chelse and I. Even though our days went from 8 am well into the evenings past dinner, we attended every class, rocked every networking session, and used every opportunity to have side conversations with fellow bloggers. As the conference wrapped up on Saturday, I started to think about how stepping out of my comfort zone is actually a quality that makes me a better mom. Here’s why:

1. It offers a deeper appreciation for the things we are most grateful.

Throughout the conference anytime I became especially anxious or overwhelmed, my thoughts drifted to my husband and son. The thought of them is relaxing, comforting and where I feel at home. I am excited about the opportunities blogging offers, but I also know these two people will love me no matter what. And I’m truly, truly thankful for that.


2. New knowledge and information.

Before we can know, we must learn. In our home, we are trying to grow an excitement and passion for learning. That means, and will become even more important as N gets older, that he will get to choose the topics he studies. Whether it’s cooking, skiing, or a new career, children will benefit from seeing their moms’ desire to grow their knowledge and work hard to hone their expertise.

3. Meeting new people with similar and different experiences will fill your soul.

Over the years, I have had the most meaningful conversations with complete strangers that impacted me deeply and I have connected with a person on the other side of the world over a similar experience. Stepping out of your comfort zone opens the door to new people and opportunity for relationships. I met some amazing people this weekend and heard powerful stories. It fed my soul and I left Salt Lake refreshed and rejuvenated for this reason.

4. It reminds you while routine is good, it’s beneficial to shake things up now and then.

Life with a toddler is beautiful but, in some ways, awfully redundant. Many of my favorite moments come from unplanned and spontaneous opportunities with my son. A quick, surprise trip to the park, an impromptu dance session, or a cuddle sneaked in during a wrestling match. These things are important to both of you.


5. Teaching that experience and effort are more important than results.

We often use praise to teach our son what behavior we expect and is acceptable. I’m always careful to show enthusiasm about his effort in addition to the result. As we all know, life is hard at times. Working hard and being dedicated doesn’t always result in success. But that doesn’t mean the effort should be any less celebrated. So, when I can lead by example, I’m on board.


4 thoughts on “How Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Makes You a Better Mom

  1. Well written! I loved it. It was such a pleasure to meet you and Chelse at the Blog Conference. I hope we can work together, soon. I look forward to going next year, and see how far we’ve all come from our current status. 🙂

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