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Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by Jelly Bean Journals! In starting this introduction I’d like to share that I’m a little apprehensive of “putting it all out there” in the form of a blog. Part of my motivation stems from others who have been willing to do so and, in turn, provided me with joy, comfort, solace, and hope. Because of this, I’m so excited to share this journey with all of you!IMG_8915

Since becoming a new mom, I feel that I am in a place of “super speed evolvement.” I am a work in progress and consistently strive to be a better form of myself. I have received so many life lessons over the past 18 months that my growth can hardly keep up with the never ending tutorials being thrust at me.

Just when I feel like I have something figured out, it is time to learn something new or make a change! But, who am I kidding? I’ll tell you…no one, because I love to be busy and productive almost as much as I love my son!

IMG_0295Fall is my favorite time of year.  For many, spring brings about the feelings of new life, renewal, and all things beautiful. Autumn does this for me. There is something about the brilliant colors I experience, the excitement of a new school year, the edge on temperate weather, the haunting harvest moons, and the addicting aromas of earth and home that conjure up a sense of starting something wonderful while still belonging to something familiar. Additionally, I adore costume parties and I was born in October. So, you can’t blame me! I have been celebrating this time of year my entire life.

I have experienced enough death and dying to give me a positive perspective on life and loss. As morbid as it may come across to some, I was glad to be in the presence of my father when he left this earth. I was also witness to the passing of my young aunt. I attended four  funerals in five years for some of the people I have loved the very most in this life.

My brothers walked me down the aisle, my cousin danced the “father daughter” tribute dance at my wedding with me, and my dad met my son before I did. These experiences have conjured a strength in me that I can’t explain, fortified my faith, created an undeniable hope in my heart, and humbled me beyond imagination. I know that I only get one shot at this journey and I work tirelessly to make the most of it!

I love my life and the people in it. I am sincerely grateful for this wonderful existence1091-2A. I met my husband when we were 16. He is my best friend and he has never missed my birthday despite attending college in two totally different states and dating other people! (I foolishly put him in the “friend zone” for eight years.)

Although we are totally different people than we were then, I’ve always had a special place for him in my heart. (Please forgive the cheesy cliche! It is honestly true.) We dated for five years before we became engaged.

Our wedding was ridiculously fun and I have asked him on a couple of different occasions to remarry me so that we can do it all over again! He is good at all of the things I am not and we make an awesome team.

I was raised by some of the best parents a girl could ask for and have one of the most loving families imaginable, including a mom who serves as my never wavering confidant and personal cheerleader. I am blessed with incredible pals who have been carefully selected through my need for support, love, honesty, forgiveness and integrity in my friendships. 698-2A

I take delight in humorous happenings and I’m always up for a hearty laugh! I often think I’m funny when I’m really not and I love to spend time with people who legitimately are! A IMG_0037good giggle is just as good as a glass of wine in my book! I like to tell stories and share experiences.

Since before I can remember I have been fascinated with birth stories and the naming of children. I’ve recently found a new role as an advocate for women’s rights during childbirth in my local community.

I also take special interest in generational issues. So, please, share your hilarious family stories, children’s’ names, parenting antics, pictures and jokes! I’ll give the disclaimer now that I reserve the right to retell your tales in my classes or right here on Jelly Bean Journals!

9 thoughts on “Hello! Chelse Here…

  1. I love it! I love you! Anyone lucky enough to know you knows all these incredible things about you but I love reading about them anyway. You are a great mom, wife and friend! I only wish I got to hug you more! Miss you!

  2. Nicely put Chelse! And yes, I love and will support you forever ♥ I’m so proud of the beautiful mom and person you have become. Keep up the superb work that you do 🙂

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