Happy, Healthy & Loved. Stop the Mommy Wars! Part I

It has taken us some time to create this  particular post even though the essence of it is one of the main reasons we launched this blog seven months ago. Our friendship was established with an early and healthy respect for each other’s differing perspectives on marriage, spirituality, careers and life. As you remember reading in Our Story,  we navigated major life events side by side and within close time of one another.

For some reason, as our lives continued to mimic, we felt this overwhelming pressure to measure up to society…and sometimes each other…once we became pregnant within months of one another. As our journeys continued, we quickly realized nearly every decision we were individually making was different than the other’s.

On some occasions, this led to second guessing our own decisions. We both truly respect and admire each other. To hold each other in such high regard and have the other person make different choices for their family, made us question if our personal choices were wrong. Looking back on it, and perhaps without truly knowing it at the time, we seemed to have created our own Mommy War.


Today, we believe that “Mommy Wars” are incredibly harmful but not always created maliciously. We are all trying to be the best moms (and dads) we can and we are yearning to know that we’re doing it the “right” way. There are so many choices we make as parents, yet hardly anyone is telling us we are doing the right thing, making the right decisions, or heading in the right direction. So, we check in with others to see how someone else is handling a situation, learn that it is different from our own, and then resent them or ourselves for a particular choice.

It wasn’t until our sons were born that we were able to REALLY figure it out…but, then it hit us!

Much like the popular blog post, End The Mommy Wars [Special Photo Edition], we took a healthy look at ourselves, our friendship, and then each other. It didn’t take long to realize what was happening and so we went to work discussing and sharing our thoughts and ideas with each other.

We have the secret, now and we want to share it with you: women need each other. It’s that simple. We need the love, support, and friendship that can only be provided by each other. Our mommy experiences become even more rich and meaningful once we stop judging, openly share, and lovingly support. After all, two families can have two different ways and still produce two incredible kiddos!

This revelation brought us to our Happy, Healthy & Loved. Stop the mommy Wars! Part I, Part II, and Part III posts that we will be sharing with you. We hope you enjoy the images today and come back on Thursday and next week to explore the reasons behind the different choices we made as mommies.

You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that, just like other mothers, we have made the best choices we felt we possibly could in the best interest of our babies. We support one another in these decisions even if they aren’t right for our own families, and we continue on in this journey…together.

So, here is a look at our version of End The Mommy Wars [Special Photo Edition]:












Please join us for Happy, Healthy & Loved. Stop the Mommy Wars! Part II and Part III where we will share the reasons behind these very personal choices. We can’t wait to hear about your parenting decisions and the steps you have also taken to address the Mommy Wars you have experienced.

All professional photos taken by Corrie at Corrie L. Photography.
All photo edits by Kerstin.

8 thoughts on “Happy, Healthy & Loved. Stop the Mommy Wars! Part I

  1. Cute! This photo shoot is really fun but I also appreciate the sentiment. Being pregnant with my first is a little nerve-racking because I’ve seen so many of those mommy wars play out online, and I don’t look forward to getting caught in the cross hairs AT ALL.

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Lydia! It means so much to us because we also follow YOU and have a deep admiration for your career choice and working mommy status! : ) I remember being in your exact situation and sharing those same thoughts. That is why this post is so important to me, also. In some ways, I took part in that “mommy competition” without even realizing it! Thank goodness for strong, beautiful women who will lift each other up and provide that essential support. I’m lucky to have dear friends like Kerst because those support systems have been invaluable to me! I know you have them, too! Good luck in your pregnancy journey! We are cheering you on and can’t wait for updates on how everything unfolds for you.

  2. love, love, love. Can’t wait to catch Thursday’s piece.

    Thanks for sharing and for reminding us all that we are in this together, being the best mommies!

    1. Thank you, Miss Jenn! This one was near and dear to us…I knew you would appreciate it, too! Your support means the world to us and you are RIGHT…we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!! (That would have been a wonderful title!) Even in a larger way, we are all raising the next generation, side by side. Back at you, also! You are one of the best we know! XOXOX

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