Happy Birthday Jelly Bean Journals! 1 Year, 100 Posts!

This week we have officially been blogging one year! Our first post, Our Story was published on January 16, 2014. We have also officially published 100 posts! We didn’t plan to hit 100 posts on our birthday, but sometimes things just work out. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? In honor of our first birthday, we thought we’d take a look back over the last year and look ahead to the year to come.

2014: Looking Back

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100 Posts

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2015: Looking Forward

We’ve been thinking a lot about 2015 and what it will bring for our blog. Being brand new to blogging in 2014, there were so many times we were overwhelmed. We were constantly having to educate ourselves on, what now seem like, basic things such as how to post content and how to manage a writing schedule. A year later, we have a much better handle on some of these functional tasks and are ready to dive into new and uncharted things like video, networking with fellow bloggers to bring more opportunities and better content to you and revenue generation opportunities. This in no way means we are experts and we are well aware we still have a ton to learn and implement.

Girls 30-1

Here are some things you could see in 2015 from Jelly Bean Journals:

1. Growing Jelly Bean Journals – To date, we have spent $0 on marketing our blog. And we have been so pleasantly surprised with the response from our little community here. Our hope is Jelly Bean Journals will continue to grow naturally by our readers sharing our site and content, other bloggers sharing our information, and you liking our material and interacting with us on our social media sites Facebook and Pinterest. With that said, we understand that if we really want to grow and at a faster pace, we need to put some more effort in here. We recently created an opportunities sheet that we plan to distribute various ways. We are attending a blogging conference in February to help us learn about aspects of blogging that are daunting to us and help us refine those we feel good about.  If we grow the blog, we will have more resources and therefore, even better content, ideas, and materials for all of you.

2. Photography – We are blessed to know some amazing photographers. In fact, both of our advertisers in 2014 are photographers (see their links listed above). We still plan to rely on and involve them, but we know we need to get stronger in this area. It’s clear the web is continuing to become more and more visual and we plan to follow suit.

3. Video – When we were very first brainstorming this blog, we wanted to post videos at least monthly. Oh, you missed them? Just kidding! We haven’t posted one video yet! In 2015, you will most likely see Jelly Bean Journals’ first original video. Maybe in the form of a coffee date with both Chelse and I discussing the sweet and sour of parenthood!

4. More Great Content! – From day one, Chelse and I have made writing and sharing fresh, honest, relevant, and quality content the biggest priority for our blog. This will remain our first priority as we zoom into 2015. We hope to share new topics and delve deeper into some we explored in 2014. You guys loved our guest blogger month, so we have discussed including more and some of the same guest bloggers this year. But, we will most likely throw one in here and there instead of having them all post within one month. We also hope to share more tutorials and recipes with you guys since that seems to be one of our biggest requests!

We want to thank this community for allowing writing to be fun, for letting us to be honest and vulnerable, and for giving us the desire to keep sharing. We love writing and documenting but it’s seriously fun and worthwhile because of you!

P.S. We’re heading to a blog conference next month! We are hoping we’ll come home with lots of new ideas for you and us!

*Stock photos from Pixabay.

*All professional photos taken by Corrie at Corrie L. Photography.

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