From the Mouths of Mommas – #1

In this series we ask multiple mommas one question. The answers show the love, joy and struggles we experience each day, week, month, year or lifetime. Although the answers may vary, it’s clear we are working toward the same results: healthy, happy and loved children! 

When do you feel most fulfilled as a mom and why?

– Nolan: Age 6 / Ben: Age 2

I feel most fulfilled as a mom at the end of a long day, during our night time routines, after the stories have been read, and the snuggles have been fulfilled. Little voices tell me goodnight and say, “I love you mommy.”

Barb – Sean: Age 32


My feeling of fulfillment will be quite different from the younger moms. I feel most fulfilled to HAVE raised a son who is kind, caring and a wonderful husband and father. To be able to talk about him, with pride, is a special feeling that, I hope, all young moms will get to experience.

Corrie  – Sam: Age 19 / Catlyn: Age 13


I feel most fulfilled as a mom when I see my girls move into the world and have a positive impact upon those they meet. From my 13-year-old Catlyn being asked to become a school mentor and representing her school with grace and talent; to my 19-year-old Samantha being a diligent, hard-working full-time college student and working part time as a CNA to achieve her dreams of becoming a nurse. My greatest joy stems from the praise of others. For example, when I hear how my girls are productive citizens and respectful young women. I feel my job as a mother is to be an example of a loving, kind, compassionate woman to all, especially my daughters. So, when I see the fruits of my labor abundantly exceed in the form of my girls, I am overcome with unending joy and pride.

Erin – 2 Boys Ages 13 and 11

Erin and Boys

Every morning, my crazy “pre-work” hustle begins. I get showered, put on my war paint, get dressed, do my chores, make a sack lunch, and check homework; all before I begin my work day at 6:30 am. My life feels overwhelming, too crammed, over-stressed and often times exhausting. Many times I wake up feeling empty and drained from the activities of the day before. Then, my moment of rejuvenation comes! My moment of peace and utter contentment comes. It’s my most favorite part of the morning. It’s 6:15 am, I stop what I’m doing. I quietly walk down the hall to the door of my oldest son’s room. I gently open the door and try my best not to trip over his mess on my way to his bed. I lay down beside him and cradle him in my arms. I touch his hair until he begins to wake. He hugs me back and we bid each other a, “Good morning.” I lay there for a moment holding my “baby” (who is now as tall as I am) before the world whisks him away for another day of school. I breathe him in, fill my “mommy cup,” and enjoy this quickly fleeting time with him. Off I go, back to preparing for the day’s events when it happens again! It’s 7:15 am and it’s time to sneak down the hall to my youngest son’s room. The morning ritual continues as I lay beside him hold him in my arms and gently bid him, “Good morning.” My heart is full; I am content. I am ready to take on the day. I know my “sneaky mornings” are numbered and that makes them all more special to me. This mom is in no hurry to buy her kids an alarm clock.

Kerstin – N: Age 3

When I am able to remove all distractions, chores, to-do lists and demands from my mind and simply focus on the moment I’m in with my son, I am most fulfilled. In these moments I see him so clearly and beautifully and would describe the feeling inside me as full. Full of love, contentment and peace. I cherish these brief snippets more and more as he grows and try to find them more often by reminding myself that everything else can wait.

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