Fantasy of a Domestic Home Assistant

I have been indulging in a little fantasy lately. I’ve been wondering what it would be like to employ my very own “Domestic Home Assistant.” This is the job title I have given to the imaginary person I’ve been dreaming of hiring. I’m not even sure if this is an alluring position name, but it is exactly what I feel would make my life a little easier right now. You see, there are some domestic home chores, such as toddler laundry and grocery shopping, that I would gladly give up or hire someone else to accomplish!

As busy working parents, I believe Daddy D and I do a pretty good job of spending quality time with Baby A in the evenings and on the weekends. We are also blessed with occupations in academia where we are given long holiday breaks to enjoy away from work. No matter which way we slice our home pie, however, there are always pieces that include certain chores that must be completed. Whether we like it or not, we need groceries, want clean clothes, enjoy an orderly home, care to cook and eat healthful meals, and have errands to run. When I think about it, this is actually a pretty tall order considering our careers and the type of engaged parents we like to be. If I’m being honest, there are times when we are dragging Baby A on endless errand runs or scrambling to find something…anything…to keep him busy so that we can do chores. Enter fantasy Domestic Home Assistant.


If we could have just five hours of help a week I think we would be set. I may be grossly underestimating the amount of time we do spend completing domestic tasks but then again, I can accomplish quite a bit in five hours if I’m organized and motivated. When I put this time frame into perspective, five hours is easily half of a Saturday. What I wouldn’t give to head out to lunch and an afternoon matinee with my family instead of shop or make deposits with a bored toddler!

My fantasy Domestic Home Assistant could also accomplish a great deal in five hours a week with a little extra planning. I think their tasks would rotate depending on the time of the month. During the first week of the month, I’d have my imaginary worker make deposits at multiple banks; grocery shop utilizing our accumulating list; open and sort house mail; and run any odds and ends errands like returning clothes that don’t fit, dropping off at the dry cleaner, or grabbing a specialty item from the hardware store.

grocery store

I would certainly reserve the second week of the month for laundry. Toddler laundry goes without saying. At the top of the list would be to wash, dry, and fold all of Baby A’s clothing. I’m lucky to have a husband who does his own laundry and so keeping up with my own washing isn’t terribly difficult. The laundry I feel like I never have time to do, however, is the “house” laundry. I would love help cleaning bedding, curtains, blankets, shower curtains, pillows, kitchen towels, and all the other items in our home that need more attention than they probably ever get. I believe some window washing, dusting and vacuuming could easily be accomplished in between folding loads, so I’d probably throw that in! (Can you guess what some of my Saturdays look like?)


The third week of the month would look much like the first week. I would utilize these five hours of help for all of the things I had not had time to accomplish. This could include more errands or a few more loads of laundry. I’d also get help making calls to set up appointments with doctors, barbers, dentists, or the vet! Our poor puppies. They definitely see the groomer much less now that we have a little person in the house!


The last week of each month I would reserve for organizing projects. There seem to be areas of our home that always become cluttered and messy, no matter our intentions or their initial state of setup. It would be incredible to have someone tackle our pantry, coat closet, store room, toy closet, junk drawer, under the stairs, shed, or linen closet to organize and find broken or expired items to pitch in the trash. I may not be able to find anything but I would trade that for clean and orderly spaces all around my home.


End of fantasy…as soon as we return from sledding today! It was a nice dream, though, wasn’t it? I must admit, many of my own “wish list” items go unattended, but I know this time in our lives won’t last forever. I want to enjoy my family while I can and I’ll organize my closets later! If you could hire one, what would your Domestic Home Assistant do for you? How much would you pay them? Would five hours a week be enough help in your home?

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