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We have been blessed to have some awesome photographers in our lives over the years! A dear friend of ours, Corrie of Corrie L. Photography, has done numerous family sessions for us. So, when it came time to get a few maternity photos with my two best guys, she was an easy choice.

I planned on sharing this post prior to Little Brother N’s arrival, but after his surprisingly early entrance, I wanted to share his announcement post ASAP! So, this post got moved back. Here are a few of our favorite photos from our maternity session.




We started this little shadow series with another awesome photographer who has left us and moved out west. Thankfully, Corrie was able to replicate it this time around. I think it’s an adorable way to document and track time. It blows my mind that we were standing in the exact same spot when I was pregnant with Big Brother N four years ago. Now, he’s a big brother and mom’s #1 helper.




Toward the end of my pregnancy, I just wanted to be comfortable. I also noticed a deep need to be with my little family and soak all of those precious moments in. So, we decided to do some casual, intimate photos at home. Knowing me, they of course included lots of snuggles! These are some of my favorite.







And finally, we wanted to get outside and soak up the last of summer for some beautiful and silly family shots. We took Batman with us and incorporated him into the shoot. I mean, what maternity session is complete without Batman? It made our little boy happy and offered some entertaining moments.

I am so pleased with our photos and feel so blessed to be able to so sweetly document our growing family!

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2 thoughts on “Family Maternity Photos

  1. Soooo cute! Through the years I have been pregnant for many of our yearly fam sessions and they are always some of my fav. I also took the time to do maternity shots of just me when pregnant with Cowboy C and I treasure the pics. So happy to see these and that all is well.

    1. Thanks Cathy! There’s just something about a pregnant momma and capturing those moments on camera. I’m so glad I did maternity photos with both of the boys because my pregnancies looked pretty different. Can’t wait to share our newborn photos soon!

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