Easter Crepe Paper Egg Craft for Toddlers

Working on projects with my kiddo is so much fun. Especially with new projects, I can usually visibly see him learning and absorbing what we are doing. On the other hand, these projects don’t always go how I anticipate in my head and one or both of us end up totally messy. The first time I got Play-Doh out, I couldn’t keep it out of N’s mouth. Forget building or squishing, he just wanted to eat it. But I kept bringing it out and eventually he was much more interested in “playing” with it.

Anyway, when I started thinking of an Easter project to do with N, I turned to my mom who has been a preschool teacher for many years. She had lots of great suggestions but this was one in particular that I was sure N could help with. So here you go!


Egg Stencil, Construction Paper, Crepe Paper, Scissors, Ribbon, Glue Stick, Hot Glue Gun (Optional)

I prepared everything during nap time so I could throw him in his high chair and get to it. First, print the stencil on construction paper. In my case, I only had 11 X 17 construction paper so I printed it on to typing paper and then traced it on to the construction paper. (I specifically chose construction paper for a little extra strength to hold the glue and crepe paper which we will get to in a minute.) There are several sizes included in the downloadable stencil. Cut out your egg. If your little one is using scissors, they can certainly help on this part also.



Make a ribbon hook for hanging on a door knob or on the wall. I got my glue gun out for this to make sure the ribbon stayed put but it could be done with a glue stick. (After I was finished, I learned I should have made a larger loop for hanging on a door knob.)

IMG_2381    Tear up a bunch of crepe paper.


Make glue spots on the construction paper and let your little one push down the crepe paper. If they are using a glue stick, let them make the glue spots.



I also did my own so I could do a fun pattern. I got kind of wild with the crepe paper so I just turned it over after I was done and trimmed up the extra.

IMG_2390 IMG_2392


DONE! As I mentioned above, I made my ribbon loop too small for a door knob. So ours are hanging on the knobs of our armoire. So cute, so easy! Happy Easter!

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