DIY String Art Project & Tutorial

Have you seen string art on Pinterest, yet? Every now and then, I see an adorable string art image pop up and I find myself pinning it almost every time. Here’s what I love about string art:

  1. The colors and color schemes you can incorporate.
  2. How the imperfection of it is perfect.
  3. You seriously can’t mess this up! (I love being crafty, but I often struggle transitioning the idea in my head to real life and that frustrates me!)

I’m starting to think about ways to make N’s room more “toddlerish” and less “babyish”without having to totally redecorate. He has already transitioned to a toddler bed and in the next six months to a year, we will probably move on to a twin. I am going to be swapping out some of his toddler artwork as I make this transition. But, I still love the idea of keeping his name in his room. So, that’s what inspired my first string art project!



  • Nails
  • String
  • Wood
  • Hammer
  • Scissors

Note: I used about 40 nails per letter and the amount of string used will depend on the desired density of the art.


1. Paint, stain or prep wood.

2. Print word or design on paper, layout as desired, and tape down.


3. Hammer nails about ½” apart into wood leaving plenty of nail above wood. (You’ll use the nails to wind the string.) Try to hammer nails about the same height. After all nails are in, remove paper.


4. Tie a double knot on a nail and start stringing around nails. Use any path or pattern desired. If you aren’t doing a cursive print, stop stringing between letters and tie off.


5. When finished, lace under string on final nail, tie double knot, and cut excess string. Do this to change colors or when you run out of string and start another strand. Continue until desired look is achieved.


Check out our Pinterest String Art Board!

Seriously adorable, right? My whole string art project took me around two hours. That is a successful craft project in my mind! If you’ve completed string art projects, please share them with us!

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2 thoughts on “DIY String Art Project & Tutorial

    1. Thanks! Nap time and after bed time are my only hope!!! 🙂
      Although, N really wanted to help me with this one so he held the string as I was winding.

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