DIY Jumbo Magnetic Chalkboard Frame

I tackled a Jumbo Magnetic Chalkboard Frame project with my husband. Woo, I am so happy with the project I can’t even tell you! Once we had our plan of attack, this project came together simply and quickly. We now have an awesome place to put special messages for holidays or birthdays, practice writing letters, color with chalk in the winter and, my very favorite, showcase N’s work and projects.


We have a great farmhouse table in our kitchen that had a blank wall above it. The table is more than 6.5 feet long, so I knew whatever went on the wall needed to be proportionate. On another note, our refrigerator gets so covered with N’s projects and papers, photos, cards, coupons and reminders and we were also looking for a different place to hang some of these materials. Thus, the idea of a jumbo, magnetic chalkboard was born.




  1. Raw Frame (we found ours on clearance at Hobby Lobby) or Trim, Pre-Cut at Hardware Store (Ours is 56″ X 34″)
  2. Paint or Stain for Frame or Trim
  3. Roller Brush
  4. Paint Brush
  5. Chalkboard Paint for Sheet Metal (we used Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint)
  6. A Piece of Sheet Metal
  7. Gloves
  8. Protective Eyeware
  9. Guerilla Glue
  10. 4 Corner L Brackets
  11. 1/4″ Multi-Purpose Screws
  12. Wire Brush
  13. 4.5″ Electric Grinder
  1. Using a paint brush, stain or paint your frame.
  2. Cut your metal to lay inside your desired frame. *
  3. Wire brush the sides of your metal to make it smooth and remove burrs resulting from cutting.
  4. Using a roller, paint the metal with your chalkboard paint. Follow the directions on your paint brand but paint at least two coats. Let dry.
  5. Use the guerrilla glue and glue your metal piece into the frame.
  6. Place L brackets on each corner of metal and use 1/4″ screws to mount metal to wood for additional support.
  7. Use multiple anchors to hang (the chalkboard is fairly heavy, so we chose to use two anchors).

*Let me mention, I’ve seen a number of DIY Jumbo Chalkboard posts and I’m sure you could find some that don’t require metal cutting. But, for what we wanted, and considering our skills, this is the route we went. Probably, the most curious choice will be that we went with sheet metal instead of magnetic paint. We had heard you had to use at least four coats and that it still didn’t work well or wore down over time. So, we opted for sheet metal instead.  In the three months it’s been on the wall, it’s proved to be durable and useful.


Total this project cost us around $100. Many of the jumbo chalkboards we found for sale were significantly more money than what we put into this project. And, they weren’t a chalkboard and a magnetic board.


The project took about five hours: two hours to cut and brush the metal, two hours to paint the board and frame, and about 45 minutes to mount the board and hang it on the wall.

Again, I’m so happy with project and love what it adds to our kitchen and our family. Good luck!


Also, a huge shout out to my husband who did a chunk of this project! Thanks babe!
And a very happy birthday this week to the two best grandmas a family could ask for: Happy Birthday Nana and Mimi! We love you so much!

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