DIY Costumes: “Despicable Me” Style

You probably remember reading in one of my first posts that fall is my favorite time of year. There are so many wonderful things about this season including Halloween. I have a special love for creatively dressing up and it has become even more fun now that we are parents. For baby A’s first Halloween we dressed up as a group of mummies. For his second Halloween we were a Wizard of Oz family and he was our cute lion.

This year, Baby A knows what Halloween is and he got to pick our theme. He is excited about the holiday, including his costume, and we weren’t surprised when he landed on dressing up as his favorite movie character, a minion. Daddy D and I decided to embrace our inner “Despicable Me” and we will be joining our little minion as Gru and Lucy Wilde. With a quick Pinterest search I found many ideas of how to accomplish do-it-yourself style costumes for us as adults. It was fun and pretty simple. We were able to purchase the costume items we didn’t already own for under $100 for our entire family. Here’s how we did it:

dm2_lucy_001psd_resizeLucy Wilde

I purchased a light blue dress from a local Goodwill store and if I have time between now and then I’ll also make an AVL badge. I already own heels but I needed the jacket, scarf, and sunglasses. In search of these items I also found the perfect “lipstick taser” that I decided to order because it was only a few dollars. Here are the items that will be coming from Jessica London and Amazon and in the next few weeks:

ImageProxy (7) Blazer: Teal         ImageProxy   Scarf: White with Pink Dots

ImageProxy (2)  Lipstick Pen: Red      ImageProxy (6)     Round Sunglasses: Teal


Daddy D already owns black pants, black dress shoes, and a black coat. He is also handsomely bald! All we needed for his Gru costume was the signature scarf and the “Gru logo” for his pendant. He is creative and will be making his own necklace with a decal I ordered. (We also thought about ordering him a “Gru nose” but decided against it to keep his costume simple.) Both of the items we did need to order came from Amazon:

ImageProxy (5)     Scarf: Black and Iron ImageProxy (4)     Gru Logo: Vinyl Decal


I have to admit that I took the easy way out on this one. We did consider “making” Baby A’s costume instead of ordering one. Really, with jean overalls, a yellow shirt, the right hat, some goggles, and the “Gru” logo we could have created his minion duds. He has been so excited over his costume, however, that I decided to order it. Selfishly, I’m excited to watch him open it with excitement when it arrives and it saved me a ton of time. Amazon was our “go to” with this one, also:

ImageProxy (1)     Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave Costume

What characters will be making an appearance at your house for Halloween this year? Please share your pictures and ideas with us!

*All Animated Despicable Me Images From Here.

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